Carl Limsico, one of our 2018 Honored Instructors, showed an early interest in computing sparked by the gift of an Atari 800 from his parents.

Online learning, as with any academic endeavor, does require significant effort and a commitment to keeping up with the assignments and engaging with the course material.

Location, location, location—that’s not always a requirement when you’re looking at schools to further your education.

Not only is Lorna Partington Walsh enhancing her creative writing by learning the ins and outs of editing, she’s also helping other editors launch their careers in the field.

It takes a leap of faith to follow your passions—especially when you're an undergrad and have to declare a major. Aisa Valenzuela never faltered in her faith in writing.

Learning in an online-only environment is certainly a different way to soak up knowledge than being in a physical classroom. But for Kyle Cameron, his determination to excel in the Certificate...