I have worked for UC Berkeley Extension for 12 years. My typical duties include content marketing, social media marketing and photography.
My areas of responsibilities—or beats—are Art and Design, Construction and Sustainability, and Technology and Information Management. Design in its most expansive definition pulls together these areas, and integrates my particular interests in painting, photography, architecture, irrigation systems and user experience.
I interview students, talk with instructors and industry experts, and research employment opportunities of interest to students who are looking to enter new career categories or improve their understanding. If there is a topic you'd like to see covered in this blog, email me at aguest@berkeley.edu.

Discussion on refugees, trauma, and collective vs. individual truth. Who has the right to tell a story?

From September 15–October 15, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. This encompasses the panoply of hispanic peoples who have made their home here in California and in the rest of the United

Judy Doherty understands that education is not just one step forward in a career progression, but it is an ongoing process of learning to update and hone skills.

Present bias is not a preference for gifts in a blue Tiffany bag but a psychological term for what can lead people to procrastinate. Basically, present bias means that individuals tend to favor

Now that many people are staying at home more than usual, many remote workers are looking to upgrade the place in which they spend the vast majority of their time.

We are so excited to announce that we are celebrating our 130th anniversary! Since 1891, it has been our pleasure to serve and support our students’ academic and professional goals. We remain

Successful people rarely rest on past performance, and Lulu Wang well knows the benefits of accruing new knowledge as she continues on her career path.

Lulu’s journey toward a UX career

UC Berkeley Extension recently hosted Career Week, which sponsored informative events to help our students and community find the career of their dreams. Jeff Eyet, co-founder of big and

On the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, we are focusing on upcoming job opportunities in the green economy. While it’s still too soon to pin down job specifics of President Biden’s American Jobs

Volunteering your time is the epitome of altruism, but a related benefit to your selfless service is that it can also give you a career boost.