I have worked for UC Berkeley Extension for 12 years. My typical duties include content marketing, social media marketing and photography.
My areas of responsibilities—or beats—are Art and Design, Construction and Sustainability, and Technology and Information Management. Design in its most expansive definition pulls together these areas, and integrates my particular interests in painting, photography, architecture, irrigation systems and user experience.
I interview students, talk with instructors and industry experts, and research employment opportunities of interest to students who are looking to enter new career categories or improve their understanding. If there is a topic you'd like to see covered in this blog, email me at aguest@berkeley.edu.

Elinor Cheung wanted two things: to live in a warmer climate and to paint. Item #1: She moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, from Minnesota. Item #2: She completed the Specialized Program in

The origins of Terri Lynn Cardona’s business success lies in a typical college job slinging coffee and snacks. From that initial love of the pace and pressure of food service, Cardona has steadily

The frisson of fear that squirms across your skin as you read a true-crime book. The leap of awe when your favorite fantasy writer conjures up yet another otherworldly detail. The mental nod as a

Kitty He’s atypical career path to user experience design is actually pretty typical for UX professionals.

Animation instructor Iveta Karpathyova finds the merging of design and movement and storytelling an exhilarating combination. She had been drawn to art, fashion and dance throughout her schooling

When Macarena Muniz moved to the United States from her native Chile, she thought that her previous job experience might not be weighed accurately when competing for positions with local

There is a crisis in America’s workforce today as more and more jobs are lost to automation and potential workers are opting out of the labor force. Add in the global climate crisis, and the

Walking into the art room as a sixth grader, Rucha Chattur was enraptured by the colorful scene that met her eyes: the brilliant paint bottles, the scatter of brushes and the bright paintings

A 2018 survey from labor-market data firm Burning Glass revealed more than 150,000 nationwide listings included data analysis in the job title; more than 27,000 of those jobs were located in

Career change is never easy. It takes education and training, work, a belief in self and—sometimes—just a spark of confidence.