I have worked for UC Berkeley Extension for 12 years. My typical duties include content marketing, social media marketing and photography.
My areas of responsibilities—or beats—are Art and Design, Construction and Sustainability, and Technology and Information Management. Design in its most expansive definition pulls together these areas, and integrates my particular interests in painting, photography, architecture, irrigation systems and user experience.
I interview students, talk with instructors and industry experts, and research employment opportunities of interest to students who are looking to enter new career categories or improve their understanding. If there is a topic you'd like to see covered in this blog, email me at aguest@berkeley.edu.

When Sera Balenagasau enters a room, you know it. She has a kindly demeanor and her voice rolls with a gentle cadence, but Sera has a way of grabbing and keeping your attention.

Ivan Trujillo, the director of the Graphic Design and UX Design programs at UC Berkeley Extension, recommended that we talk with Ricky Pascual, one of his recent graduates. Ivan was impressed by

While still enrolled in UC Berkeley Extension’s Certificate Program in Data Science, Swathi Annamalai started as a data scientist at edtech startup CreativeLive. She had already completed four

The phrase “high-throughput screening” doesn’t initially grab your interest, but when you delve into it—the complexity and applications of its processes—you start to see why Joseph Walker is

Like many starting college, Ankita chose a major where the expectations were known: Her father was a businessman, so she studied business. But Ankita always had a penchant for design.

For a lot of people, a career in STEM is the end goal. But for Oscar Ko, a career as a software engineer at Boeing was just a launching pad.

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We are proud to announce that we’ve been named “Best Continuing Education for 2018” in an Oakland Magazine reader's poll. An East Bay institution since 1891, UC Berkeley Extension now helps tens

You hear “big data” everywhere. But it’s not just some new company jargon; it’s a growing field that businesses are red-hot to employ because they know that data will drive their company forward