I have worked for UC Berkeley Extension for 12 years. My typical duties include content marketing, social media marketing and photography.
My areas of responsibilities—or beats—are Art and Design, Construction and Sustainability, and Technology and Information Management. Design in its most expansive definition pulls together these areas, and integrates my particular interests in painting, photography, architecture, irrigation systems and user experience.
I interview students, talk with instructors and industry experts, and research employment opportunities of interest to students who are looking to enter new career categories or improve their understanding. If there is a topic you'd like to see covered in this blog, email me at aguest@berkeley.edu.

You’ve almost certainly heard of bitcoin. But, this newsworthy virtual currency is really only a supporting element in the much more intriguing new blockchain technology.

What is an allegory, a symbol, or an emblem? How do we distinguish Rococo from the Baroque? Why the rise in Neoclassicism in the mid-18th century?

We recently had the pleasure to join together to celebrate the must-deserved recipients of the 2018 Honored Instructor Awards.

Our Voices blog features many students who have completed certificates and programs and are fully committed to continuing education and career change.

For the past 17 years, Leonil Carreon has been enjoying a project management construction career with a local real estate company in his native Philippines.

We recently had the opportunity to visit Extension student and product specialist Lisa Jacquiot.

Marcela Corona was already leaning toward a design career when she first came to the United States with her partner, a graduate student at UC Berkeley.

You can be forgiven a feeling of optimism when you talk with Construction and Sustainability department director David Brotherton about the future. Despite dire headlines about climate change and

Carl Limsico, one of our 2018 Honored Instructors, showed an early interest in computing sparked by the gift of an Atari 800 from his parents.

Stephen Wong, one of our esteemed Extension Honored Instructors for 2017, exemplifies the best that we have to offer: professionally talented, devoted to his students and intellectually curious.