I have worked for UC Berkeley Extension for 12 years. My typical duties include content marketing, social media marketing and photography.
My areas of responsibilities—or beats—are Art and Design, Construction and Sustainability, and Technology and Information Management. Design in its most expansive definition pulls together these areas, and integrates my particular interests in painting, photography, architecture, irrigation systems and user experience.
I interview students, talk with instructors and industry experts, and research employment opportunities of interest to students who are looking to enter new career categories or improve their understanding. If there is a topic you'd like to see covered in this blog, email me at aguest@berkeley.edu.

Instructor Kelly Gearhart didn't follow a typical career path to become a green-building company owner, expert and educator.

As technology becomes more sophisticated, user experience has incorporated touch and sound, with virtual reality lurking on the horizon.

As a leading cybersecurity consultant, Jenelle Davis has helped protect more than 60 Fortune 500 organizations from a host of online threats.

Šárka Volejníková is helping to turn run-down Hilltop Park in San Francisco's Bayview District into a vibrant center for the neighborhood and nature. This UC Berkeley Extension instructor works at

For the past five years, David Druml has shared his expertise with UC Berkeley Extension students in the Construction Enterprise Risk Management course.

Molly Mueller patiently built her knowledge and skills in a variety of positions that necessitated an eye and talent for design.

Carlos Javier Ortiz forges strong bonds with the subjects in his photographs, which document the tragic loss of young life in urban communities such as those on the south side of Chicago.

Duane Kubischta received an advanced engineering degree from UC Berkeley and quickly entered the biotech field as an instrumentation engineer.

Shannon D. Schmidt teaches several of our cutting-edge art courses, including The Found Object: An Exploration of Appropriation and Contemporary Art and Soft Sculpture.

If you're not familiar with the resources available, however, you may not realize the range of plants that require little water.