A Spaniard born and raised, Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia grew up with a big dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. After years of determination and perseverance, he

Letizia Fara experienced a full educational experience while building up her résumé:

Fall 2019: an in-person program
Spring 2020: a digital-learning program
Today: an internship

Before full-time work in banking at Interbank, and before Berkeley, José studied industrial engineering as an undergraduate student at the University of Tecnologica Peru (UTP). He wanted to one

According to a New York Post article, only 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s goals. 8 Percent.

But let’s turn that number around. We continue to strive to meet our goal in

Before launching his own food business, Berkeley Haas Global Access Program alumnus Basile Bedelek completed his Master’s program from three different continents. Through a unique transnational

Berkeley Global alumnus Luis Aguirre always wanted to work in the business world. It’s why he studied business in his home university, Universidad Tecnológica del Perú. During his undergraduate

You heard it here first! When we purchase our clothing, towels, blankets, et cetera, we typically only consider the look and feel.

Entrepreneurship certificate alumna Roberta Tanajura already has the best job in the world—being a mother. While doting on her two children fills her with much joy, Roberta is looking to get back

While pursuing his undergraduate studies in Business Management at Universidade Salvador (Brazil), Rafael Sampaio began accumulating work experience as a risk assurance associate at PwC Brazil

Berkeley Global graduate Camilo Navarro and his friend’s entrepreneurial spirit pays it forward on a trek no one thought could be possible. The two lifelong friends’ trip landed them a new