Join us to relax and refresh in the middle of a busy semester! We will have four fun crafting and relaxation stations.

Join us to watch one of the most exciting Giants games of the season in their home stadium in San Francisco!

Get to know other students and learn all about international food! It's going to be a tasty conversation.

Join other Berkeley Global Students at 1 pm on September 12 to hike to the UC Berkeley landmark—the Big C!

Hosted by the Berkeley International Office, English Conversation Tables focuses on slang, figures of speech and idiomatic phrases.

Get ready to get to know campus like the back of your hand! We'll pair you with a group of six new friends and the winners will get a prize.

Explore San Francisco and discover the classic tourist sites and the spots that only locals know about.

Grab your favorite beverage and log on, because not only will you have a chance to meet students from all Berkeley Global programs, we're also going to be talking California slang.

Facilitated by expert trainer Ericka Acquaah-Arhin, explore questions of national and global identity while delving into the terminology and cultural understanding of race in the United States.