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You may see mentions of a “security deposit” in apartment listings or in your apartment lease. Read on for more information about a security deposit and how you can get all that money back!

We have events and activities throughout the semester where you can meet other students, explore Campus and the Bay Area, and learn more about US culture.

Whether you are renting a furnished or unfurnished apartment, there are probably household items you need.

So you found a great apartment in the perfect location with wonderful roommates! You’re ready to sign the lease, get your keys and move in.

Finding the right housing for your needs is critical as you start to plan for your studies here at Berkeley. Make sure you have read our blog post on budgets and looked at the websites of the

Check out the various options you have to live in San Francisco

Check out the various options you have to live in Berkeley

It’s common to feel a little “sticker shock” when you first start looking at housing prices in the San Francisco Bay Area.