Why Pursue a Career in English as a Second Language?

  • 527 million native English speakers globally
  • 19% California residents with limited English proficiency
  • 1.5 billion English language learners worldwide
  • 1 in 10 U.S. working adults with limited English proficiency
  • California will need an additional 100,000 teachers during the next decade
  • Workers proficient in English earn 17% to 135% more than workers with limited English proficiency

Did You Know?

  • California is home to 7 out of the 10 top-paying metro areas for ESL teachers
  • English is the most commonly studied language in the world
  • Job growth for adult literacy over the next 10 years is projected at 7%
  • Over 24% of the nation's K-12 English language learners are found in California

Languages by number of countries spoken

Country Number of countries where language is spoken
English 101
Arabic 60
French 51
Chinese 33
Spanish 31
Persian 29
German 18
Russian 16
Malasyan 13
Portuguese 12

Move Your ESL Career Forward

Bachelor's degree: the basic building block for a career in ESL. Helpful majors include education, linguistics. Practicum/Student Teaching: Building classroom hours and receiving feedback from an experienced instructor is essential to your training. TEFL Certification: Provides you with the skills and techniques you will use in the classroom. Master's Degree (Higher Ed Only): After building your experience in the classroom, a master's degree grants access to jobs in higher education. Professional Development: Mandatory in some states, keep up with the latest technology and teaching methods through ongoing coursework.

Careers After UC Berkeley Extension TEFL Certification

Amy Loewen, Adjunct Faculty, ESL, Laney College Nora Mitchell, Founder, 'English with Nora' Frank Briski, ESL Tutor, San Mateo Adult School Sylvia Cossar, Visiting Instructor, Lewis & Clark College Derek Merrill, Lecturer, UC Merced Phyliss Martinez, Program Director, Las Casas - ESL

For More on UC Berkeley Extension's Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate:

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