April 22 Online Event: Navigating the Pitfalls and the Opportunities of AI and ML for Business

Panel event co-organized by Berkeley Global and the Fisher Center for Business Analytics, Berkeley Haas School of Business

Applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning more widely in business is not a matter of if, but when. There is more and more data that can benefit from advanced processing, as well as an increasing complexity in the problems we need to solve that call for algorithm-augmented intelligence.

To engage with confidence, business professionals need to understand how AI can work for them and which central role they will play in using it. Learning what the future of this work will look like will allow professionals to best position themselves today and prepare for tomorrow.

Gauthier Vasseur—Executive Director of the Fisher Center for Business Analytics, Berkeley Haas School of Business—will moderate this panel discussion with practitioners and learn more about how artificial intelligence and machine learning are shaping the present and future of work. This event will start with a welcome speech by Frederick T. Wehrle, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at UC Berkeley Extension.


Headshot of Sarah Aerni

Sarah Aerni, Senior Director Machine Learning + Engineering at Salesforce

Sarah Aerni is a leader with technical expertise in building and deploying machine-learning models in production. She is currently obsessed with agility in data science, monitoring and alerting, refreshing models in production with zero downtime and helping customers address challenges around data bias. Sarah also has Salesforce experience in leading hybrid engineering and data science teams and shipping products that produce billions of predictions daily across thousands of models using a fully automated machine learning pipeline.

Headshot of Robert Brown

Robert Brown, Vice President, Center for the Future of Work at Cognizant

Robert Brown is a member of the Center for the Future of Work, a global think tank with a charter from Cognizant Technology Solutions to examine how work is changing, and will change, in response to the emergence of the Age of Algorithms, Automation and AI. His research emphasis has been on the topics of robotics, automation, privacy and augmented reality, and their impact on business processes.

Headshot of Dan Feld

Dan Feld, Head of Global Enterprise Business, Hardware Partnerships at Google

Dan Feld is leading business development and sales for Google’s global-enterprise hardware business. Before that, Dan served as the head of Enterprise Solutions for Google Cloud Platform and as the country manager, EEMEA for Amazon, where he was responsible for helping customers and partners take advantage of Cloud technologies. Dan has built and led global sales, business development and IT teams for publicly traded companies such as Google, Amazon, Clicksoftware, Creo and Scitex.


Headshot of Gauthier Vasseur

Gauthier Vasseur, Executive Director, Fisher Center Center for Business at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Gauthier Vasseur is a data analytics and digital transformation expert. His executive track record spans from large enterprises (Google, Oracle, Hyperion) to bootstrapped, Series A and pre-IPO companies. Gauthier has worked in finance, operations and marketing, building teams, analytics and scalable processes to fasten growth and improve transparency. He has brought his multifaceted experience and emphasis on data analytics into higher education. Gauthier has more than six years of experience teaching and training teams to drive efficient and data-driven processes, make the best of technology and become key actors of digital transformation in their own organizations. At the Fisher Center for Business Analytics, Gauthier is spearheading efforts to connect Haas faculty with business leaders to collaborate on the application of data science and analytics to business strategy. 

Welcome Speech

Frederick Wehrle standing in front of a beige background

Frederick T. Wehrle, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at UC Berkeley Extension

Frederick T. Wehrle is a researcher specializing in innate human behavior and an expert in academic innovation and design. At Berkeley, he is developing fully integrated, transdisciplinary study programs that allow students and lifelong learners to acquire the specific skill set they need to succeed in their careers in the upcoming 4th Industrial Revolution. With his team, he brings together world-leading researchers from Berkeley and industry experts from Silicon Valley who work and teach at the forefront of academic innovation. Previously, Frederick has founded the Center for Global Engagement of Planeta Education and Universities France, directed Accreditation and International Relations at Groupe EDC, and served as Academic Director at Groupe IGS. He founded the Eye-Tracking Lab of ICD International Business School and has lectured at UC Berkeley, Grupo Planeta, Groupe EDC, Groupe IGS, University of Paris 1, Toulouse Business School, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Groupe IAM.


Video of the Event