Career Workshop: Design a Big, Bad, Bold Career

Discuss a solid strategy on how to design a big, bad and bold career

Today’s world of work requires a different type of professional. One who is not only talented, intelligent and savvy, but one who is brilliantly bold!

Being bold is a personal attribute where you bring authenticity to your work. Being big is where you leverage your talents for optimal career success. Being bad is about your reputation becoming your invitation to opportunities.

Cultivate all three with practical strategies to experience a shift in your mindset, focus and energy in order to create a purposeful and fulfilling career. Give yourself permission to own your career in a big, bad and bold way!

Join us in this career workshop as Vaneese Johnson shares techniques to help you:

  • Own your career with authenticity and intentionality
  • Leverage your professional brand
  • Engage your CBOD (Career Board of Directors)
  • Design a Bold, Big & Bad™ career success blueprint


Tuesday, May 24

6-7 pm (PT)

Via Zoom or Facebook Live!


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