January 29 Event: The Next Generation of Online Higher Education

Berkeley Global, CNAM discuss changing trends in higher education

The accelerated transfer of almost every component of higher education into the online realm has forever changed the perception of online higher education.

While the education sector expected a progressive transformation from increasing internationalization and student mobility to blended and online learning, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the process so dramatically that institutions are either struggling for survival or engaging in a global race for online growth.

In this event, our panelists explored:

  • New perspectives on pedagogy and the need to evolve from teacher-centered in-person courses to hybrid and online courses based around the students
  • New challenges of online education at scale
  • New ways of engaging with students, faculty and academic administrators
  • New types of collaboration between higher-education institutions and the prospect of emerging "mega-universities" with a single brand on a global scale
  • New organizational structures for higher-education institutions to optimize efficiency and resources


Dorel Paraschiv is Vice Rector of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies since 2012, who has expertise in international business and global strategy. She is an M.B.A. professor (2004), Doctoral coordinator in international business (2016), manager and member of 15 international projects, and has more than 30 scientific publications. She is also President of the Socio-Economic Panel of the National Ministry of Education Council for Diplomas Recognition. 

Jean-Michel Raicovitch is Professor and Chair of Marketing, CNAM; and Co-President of ADETEM, French Marketing Association. After a long and distinguished marketing career, including many years of management positions at Accenture and Accor, Jean-Michel is now fully dedicated to educating the marketers of tomorrow and his marketing nonprofit association work.

Dr. Sharon Doyle is Assistant Dean at UC Berkeley Extension.

Dr. Frederick T. Wehrle is Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at UC Berkeley Extension. He is a researcher specialized in innate human behavior and an expert in academic innovation and design. At Berkeley, he is developing fully integrated, transdisciplinary study programs that allow students and lifelong learners to acquire the specific skill set they need to succeed in their careers in the upcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution. With his team, he brings together world-leading researchers from Berkeley and industry experts from Silicon Valley who work and teach at the forefront of academic innovation. 

Video of the Event