Staying Relevant in the Workforce

The Hybrid Job

Based on an analysis of 24.5 million job postings by Bentley and labor market data firm Burning Glass, researchers were startled to find that "71% of in-demand skills are required across two or more job categories," as the study reports, and that "some previously popular jobs are in decline as their once-innovative skills have become mainstream and [are now] integrated into other roles." Go to Hybrid Job Skills (via

12 Networking Tips for Success

Through the process of information, advice and referral conversations, executives can uncover business needs that lead to job opportunities (known as the "hidden job market"). These positions may be filled through employee referrals, executive search consultants or direct contact with hiring managers through networking. Go to Networking Tips (via


Creating Your Personal Brand

Become a magnet for the possibilities you seek. Go to Creating your Personal Brand (via

Use LinkedIn Connections

Go to How to Engage your LinkedIn Connections (via