Videos: Diversity At Work

Inspiration to bring diversity to the forefront

With an eye on increasing diversity in the workforce, here are some interesting videos to bring inspiration, awareness and thought-provoking ideas on the power of inclusion. If you haven't checked out our latest blog post on the topic, take a look

Inclusion Starts With I

#InclusionStartsWithI is a discussion around the importance of a positive, inclusive work environment. Starring a group of Accenture people, this video demonstrates that bias can appear in both expected and unexpected ways—and that each of us has the power to make a difference.

The Surprising Solution to Workplace Diversity

From TEDxHamburg, Arwa Mahdawi, founder and Chief Minority Officer at, gives a talk on how to bring diversity and inclusion into the workforce.

Unconscious Bias @ Work: Making the Unconscious Conscious

Unconscious biases influence our actions every day, even when—by definition—we don’t notice them. These biases are shaped by our experiences and by cultural norms, and allow us to filter information and make quick decisions. We’ve evolved to trust our guts. But sometimes these mental shortcuts can lead us astray, especially when they cause us to misjudge people.

The Importance of Diversity In the Workplace

Debbie Story, SVP of Talent Development and Chief Diversity Officer at AT&T, and Steve Bucherati, Chief Diversity Officer at the Coca-Cola company, discuss what diversity means for their companies and why having a diverse workforce is ultimately better for the bottom line.

Why Diversity In the Workplace Is So Important

Diversity. It’s one of those buzzwords that people either hate or love. But it’s more than just a buzzword. Economist Noreena Hertz reminds us that the imperative for diversity is broader than just race and gender — and it’s not just a morality issue.