Videos: How Others Find Their Work/Life/Study Balance

Tips, thought-provoking resources to guide you in finding your own balance

Everybody has their own thoughts on how to achieve a work/life balance—or if a work/life balance is even realistic. In fact, I even wrote a blog post about finding a work/life/study balance.


I culled through the top YouTube videos on how others are finding work/life/study balance so you don't have to. Here are my faves that are informative, realistic and thought-provoking.

Switch: Work/Life Balance to Work/Life Integration

Brent Barootes at a TEDx event proposes that it's time to turn off that belief that you can create a work/life balance and look to the possible future to understand and transform into work/life integration

Work/Life Balance From the School of Life

The idea of achieving work/life balance is a beautiful dream; it's also quite impossible, as we should realize without bitterness or frustration.

Maintaining a Work/Life Balance While Studying

From the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

How to Balance School and Work: 5 Strategies for Academic Success

How do you juggle your career, classes, family and friends? Deb Levy, a certified life and business coach, and a Harvard Extension School workshop leader, offers five tips to help you find success in and out of the classroom.

Work/Life Balance Tips From 4 Busy Executives

G Suite asked four busy executives how they balance work and life. While their responses weren't the same, they're all helpful. Enjoy these tips for a better work life balance.


How have you found your own work/life/study balance? Let us know in the Comments below!