Virtual Events: Teaching Across Screens in Times of Social Distancing

Workshops for educators by educators

Educators have been thrust into an unprecedented pedagogical experiment, shifting instruction from physical classrooms to live video-based learning platforms. This unexpected transition poses an immense challenge to teachers and presents particular inequities for students who benefit most from caring, personalized instruction in physical school settings.

What can educators do when remote synchronous learning becomes a primary way to reach students in times of crisis? What range of possibilities exists for teachers who still want to build learning communities and be present for isolated students and their families?

Teaching Across Screens is a bi-monthly, one-hour workshop showcasing encouraging work by veteran practicing educators who share in the current struggle to make remote instruction meaningful and effective. Facilitators focus on common challenges, emphasize specific instructional strategies and encourage workshop participation.

Workshops are organized around five themes:

1. Strategies to Engage Students

2. Classroom Routines and Rituals

3. Reading the Remote Classroom

4. Addressing Student Differences and Classroom Inequity

5. Managing Technology

Join us bi-monthly on Tuesdays from 4-5 pm (Pacific Time). Workshops are free, interactive and contain targeted real-world strategies for K-12 public school teachers and college instructors alike. Bring your personal experiences, questions and readiness to interact with other thoughtful educators.

Zooming In or Zoning Out?

Strategies to Listen, Engage and Empathize Remotely With Frustrated Learners

Effective teaching requires active listening, clear communication, opportunities to gauge student mood and space for improvisation. Remote video-facing platforms like Zoom make each of these practices exponentially more difficult. Veteran educator and author Jen Oleniczak Brown leads this interactive workshop demonstrating specific strategies for teachers who are struggling to connect, inspire and give voice to students today learning in relative isolation.

Jen Oleniczak Brown
The Engaging Educator
Tuesday, May 19
4 pm PST

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Creating a Culture of Inclusion in Remote Classrooms

Principled Practices to Engage Students

Despite considerable obstacles, remote online learning still offers some unique opportunities to create accessible and equitable classroom experiences for a wide variety of non-traditional learners. Applying principles of Universal Design for Learning, educator and researcher Laura Gale will demonstrate specific strategies to promote equity that can engage, teach, evaluate and show care for students with diverse learning needs at this challenging time.

Laura Gale, Ed.D.
University of Southern California
Tuesday, June 2
4 pm PST

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Zoom

When Stephen Torres was forced to cancel ongoing classes in March 2020 and transition overnight to instruction over Zoom, he initially sulked. The platform slowed and complicated the type of rich, flowing and nuanced classroom dialog that characterizes his teaching and had earned him awards as a professor. But after a pivotal conversation with students, he began to draw different conclusions. In this workshop, Torres shares the rituals and routines he developed to bring students back into community and conversation—despite the inevitable challenges remote learning presents.

Stephen Torres, M.B.A.
UC Berkeley
Tuesday, June 16

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