Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

The University of California has undertaken many efforts to improve how it prevents and responds to sexual violence and sexual harassment on UC campuses. The university has developed eCourses specifically geared toward its Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy. On an annual basis, all Extension employee instructors (including all campus faculty and staff) are now required to complete an online course designed to satisfy the requirements of California law (AB1825).

The required training teaches everyone in our community about prohibited conduct and how such conduct should be reported by students, instructors and staff. The course is administered through the UC Learning Center. Recent events emphasize the importance of complying with annual mandatory training.

Annual Training Requirements

  • Newly hired employee instructors: All new employee instructors are required to complete the one-hour prevention and response training within the first six weeks of the start date of their agreement with the University.
  • Current employee instructors: All must complete the one-hour prevention and response training every year, which includes training on their obligations under UC Policy to report sexual violence. All employee instructors will be assigned the SVSH prevention course on their anniversary training date.
  • The training is video-based and is accessible for people who are sight and hearing impaired. Learn more about accessibility.
  • Please complete the training within 30 days; completion will be tracked.
  • If your home department is another UC campus or a different UC Berkeley department (non-Extension), please complete the training annually through your home UC department. You do not need to take an additional training through UC Berkeley Extension.
  • Due to system limitations, independent-contractor instructors or UC-affiliate instructors (hired through third parties) will not be able to access the LMS and are therefore not required to complete the training at this time.

Accessing the Training

CalNet ID and bMail Required: In order to access the required annual training, you need to have created both your CalNet ID and a bMail email account ( If you haven’t done this, please contact Instructor Payroll for further instructions. Please also refer to the System Access Checklist for additional information.

Access Through Email Invitation and Reminders: You may receive system-generated email invitations and reminders in your email account (bMail) from

  • Follow instructions in that email to access the training.
  • You will need to log in to the system with your CalNet ID and passphrase.
  • Please use a current and updated browser to access the training, such as Chrome or Firefox, etc.

Log In Directly to Access Training: If you did not receive the system-generated email invitations or reminders:

After Logging In:

  • Click on "Required Training."
  • Select eCourse: UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Staff Certification (SVSAST-BE-ECO-2016)
  • If you see a red X​ in your URL line, click on it and enable pop-ups from Sumtotal as a trusted site.
  • Please see more information.

When you complete the training, we suggest that you take a screenshot of the completion screen or print it in case there are technical difficulties in confirming your completion status.

UC Berkeley Resources for Survivors of Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment

Please add the following student and staff resources to your course syllabi.

Path to Care Center (confidential survivor support)

Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (non-confidential Title IX reporting)

For technical support with the training, please email For all other questions about the SVSH policy or the one-hour prevention and response training, please email

We are all responsible for preventing and responding to sexual violence and harassment on our campus. We are confident that together we will develop a strong, positive and safe culture for students, instructors and staff.