Berkeley Experiences: Game Day

Marcel Marius shares a European's perspective on American college football

Editor's note: Marcel Marius is a German student and a graduate of the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program, which brings international students to Berkeley to study entrepreneurship. His post below originally appeared on his personal blog. It has been edited for clarity and length.




Maybe in Europe. But not here in California.

The most favored and hyped team sport in the U.S. is, as everybody knows, football. In the beginning when I came to Berkeley to take part in the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program, it was kind of weird for me to see everybody chatting about football instead of soccer. But I quickly realized, football is the way to go. Berkeley has its own football team and participates in approximately ten games during the semester called game days.


Cal football team on the field


The highlight is not the game itself, but rather the atmosphere within and before the game. Thousands of students meet up at different fraternities before the game and celebrate together for at least three hours. Loud music, happy students and the perfect mood. When the game starts, all students go to the game and continue partying over there, making the game an unforgettable experience.


It does not really matter if Berkeley’s team wins, what matters is the fact that everybody has fun. UC Berkeley's game day is one of the most thrilling things I experienced.


Special thanks to Marcel Marius for sharing his experience with us and providing an example of the culture and community you build when you come to Berkeley.


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