Evelyn Lentz, Professional Certificate in Marketing

Evelyn Lentz Photo

While completing her master's in electronic media at Stuttgart Media University (Germany), Evelyn Lentz's time in the Marketing certificate program provided her with important examples of how culture informs the way people consume information, a field she is passionate about. Lentz also took graphic design classes to supplement her knowledge as a visual artist.

In addition to the coursework, the diversity of her fellow students helped Lentz further understand the relationship between culture and marketing tactics. "Being in Berkeley and in the Bay Area, I really got to know the people, the culture," Lentz says. "I met people from so many different countries and got to know their culture and their ideology. The academic life was outstanding. My time at UC Berkeley Extension was one of the most important times of my life so far."

With her new certificate in hand, Lentz is currently working as the Business Manager Coordination and Steering at Hubert Burda Media in Berlin.