Upcoming Berkeley Global Remote Events

Check out all of the ways you can stay connected with us and your fellow students

During the uncertainty of this period, when it's easy to feel isolated due to shelter-in-place orders or being across the world from UC Berkeley, it's more important than ever to engage with your community and reach out to others.

We encourage you to continue to form remote study groups, message and chat with your friends and family, make phone and video chat appointments with your professors and advisers, and participate in our remote events and activities!

Berkley Global and your student services team will be offering multiple remote opportunities for you to continue to engage, connect and take advantage of your time with UC Berkeley during the semester. Be sure to check your email for monthly newsletters about upcoming events!

Below are some virtual activities we are hosting. We will update this information as more details are finalized and events are added. Also, please be sure to check out our events page which lists other great events hosted by UC Berkeley Extension!

Upcoming Events

Underground Scholars: Creating a Prison-to-University Pipeline

March 5 | 9-10 AM PST

The Berkeley Global Speaker Series on Equity and Inclusion presents:

Azadeh Zohrabi, the director of UC Berkeley's Underground Scholars Program, will speak about the failure of mass incarceration to generate justice or safety and why it's important to invest in more life-affirming programs, like education, to create safety, equity, and belonging. Join to learn more about mass incarceration in the US and how organizations like Berkeley Underground Scholars are combatting it.

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Recurring Events

Global Bear Challenge

Take your experience with Berkeley Global to the next level with the Global Bear Challenge! Take the Global Bear Challenge to connect with your classmates, explore your identity and values, reflect on your experience, and of course get creative and have fun! And did we mention there are prizes?

You get points for completing challenges and bonus points for commenting on others' submissions as well. At the end of the semester, qualify for BIG prizes (like a brand new iPad or Bose noise-cancelling headphones) based on your points! We will enter your name in a drawing for prizes if you qualify, and if you win you get to pick your prize from the options!

The Global Bear Challenge is live now in your Canvas Dashboard at onlinelearning.berkeley.edu!

Meditation Mondays, 12-12:15 pm (Pacific Time)

Join us in Zoom to take a brief 15-minute break from your day to practice breathing techniques, mindfulness and meditation to help you cope with daily stressors and build mental resilience. Email extension@berkeley.edu to be added to the Zoom link!

English Conversation Tables | Wednesdays | 5-6 PM PST

Come practice conversational English with your peers! English Conversation Tables focuses on slang, figures of speech, and idiomatic phrases. Have questions about something you saw on TV or heard in conversation? Come bring any questions you might have or just stop by to chat with visiting and degree-seeking Berkeley students.

Learn more and get the Zoom link here!

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions by emailing extension-intl@berkeley.edu or make an appointment.