Event: College Admissions Essays

The role of the counselor

College admission essays are critical components of college applications for moderately and highly selective colleges, and are thus extraordinarily stressful for high school students to tackle.

This hands-on workshop supports teachers, counselors and other educational professionals in guiding students with college admission essays.

Participants will be introduced to instructor Dr. Elizabeth Stone’s essay writing methodology, which includes techniques for helping students find great topics and editing strategies that maintain the integrity of the writer and the student.
 The workshop will include a mix of lecture, discussion, group work and short written assignments. Participants will also have the opportunity to assess their own strengths as essay reviewers and editors.

Meet the Instructors

Elizabeth Stone, Ph.D., is the author of the The Better College Essay: Fitting In and Standing Out (Wintergreen Orchard House). Dr. Stone holds a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley and has held faculty positions in Child and Adolescent Development at San Jose State University and San Francisco State University. She was a Research Psychologist at UC San Francisco, and was a Visiting Scholar in the School of Education at Stanford University. Dr. Stone is the executive director of Campanile College Counseling, Inc.

Meredith J. Charlson is director of writing at Campanile College Counseling, Inc. She holds a B.A. in Comparative Literature with a minor in Drama from Stanford University. Meredith tutored at the Hume
Center for Writing and Speaking at Stanford. She is a contributing writer to Dr. Stone's book, The Better College Essay, and to the textbook Helping Students With Disabilities Develop Social Skills, Academic Language and Literacy Through Literature Stories, Vignettes and Other Activities: A Secondary and Post-Secondary Emphasis (Charles C Thomas).


Sunday, March 15
9 am–noon pm (PT)
UC Berkeley Extension
1995 University Ave.
2nd Floor, Room #207
Berkeley, CA 94704
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Cost: $35

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