How to Run and Operate an Educational Consulting Business: A 2-Part Workshop

IECs in the early stages (1-3 years) of their practice will learn how to refine their brand and structure their business

This two-part workshop is designed for independent educational consultants (IECs) who are in the early stages (1-3 years) of independent practice.

If you have started your educational consulting business, you know that deciding on the name and website of your operation was the easy part.

In these workshops, you will learn how to:

  1. Define your educational consulting product
  2. Uncover who is most motivated, or not, by your product
  3. Build your service-delivery structure
  4. Objectively review your cost of services

The workshops will include a mix of lecture, discussion and short written assignments. Homework will be emailed after day 1 in preparation for day 2.

About the Presenter

Margaret Rothe, M.A., started her career in university student affairs. She earned her M.A. in Higher Education Student Affairs from the University of Connecticut, directing her knowledge into campus leadership, policy and practice.

Ten years ago, she began her college consulting company HigherGrounding, which soon became counselor collective All College Pros. While building her own business, Margaret launched a research project to codify the college counseling common processes. This became a much larger endeavor, and inevitably defined her present mission: CounselMore, a premiere college counseling software solution and professional management tool, built specifically for her colleagues.



Sundays, May 16 at 1 pm (Pacific Time)

Sunday, May 23 at 2:30 pm (Pacific Time)

Cost: $65


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