Why Not Now? A “Farm to Fork” Approach to Launching Your First IEC Business

Two-part workshop gives new or emerging IEC tips to form their own business

The world of college admissions advising is as complex as ever. Yet despite its ever-changing landscape, your voice as an IEC is needed now more than ever.

This two-part workshop is specifically designed for the new or emerging IEC and those who have little to no experience in forming their own small, private business. Through an engaging mix of lectures, paired activities and take-home assignments, these workshops will help you overcome any fears or uncertainties you may have as you begin your journey toward your first IEC business.

From the first stages of creating a business brand, considering your PR strategies, to ultimately implementing a successful business plan, presenter Armando Diaz will walk you through how to approach this task by using his own experiences and proven best practices to make your IEC goals a living, breathing reality.

About the Presenter

Armando Diaz is in his fifth year of teaching in our College Admissions and Career Planning certificate. In 2020, he was awarded the Most Inspirational Instructor Award for his work training counselors to become IECs. Based on those experiences and a little bit of courage along the way, Armando founded his own IEC company in 2020, First Light College Advising Services. He has his PPS and Masters of Arts in School Counseling and has more than 20 years of experience in secondary education. He considers himself a hybrid professional and “Professional Life Changer” who thoroughly enjoys helping others fulfill their dreams.

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Sunday, June 6 at 1 pm (Pacific Time) and

Sunday, June 13 at 2:30 pm (Pacific Time)

Cost: $65


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