7 Realistic Career Goals You Can Achieve This Year

Make your new year shine

Every year, I make a New Year’s resolution. And every year—somewhere around the first week of February—that resolution goes out the window. Was the resolution list too long and overwhelming? Is the resolution purely out of step with how I view myself and my career?

But what if I did just one thing to support and advance my career? Doable? I think so.

So here are the top 7 career resolutions you can stick to—as told by my favorite office team. Go ahead and pick and choose what piques your interest and fits with your schedule and career aspirations.

1. Update your professional portfolio.

Take a trip down memory lane and select those projects that you are most proud to have accomplished. Save these projects in either a hard-copy or digital portfolio. Here’s what you should be including in your portfolio.

2. Revise your LinkedIn profile.


While you’re looking at all of last year’s successes, make sure those are reflected in your LinkedIn profile! Think about what you’ve given to an organization and where you really made a difference and highlight those key points. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is as strong as it can be.

3. Carve out some time to volunteer.


A recent LinkedIn survey found that “20% of hiring managers in the U.S. agree that they have hired candidates because of their volunteer work experience.” So whether you’re volunteering your time for a truly altruistic reason or want to get your foot in the door at a possible new employer, there are dozens of resources to match your needs with a volunteering gig.

4. What’s your brand statement?


Your brand statement will help guide you in 2019—and beyond—of who you want to be as a professional. Step 1: Think about the values you’re willing to stand up for. Step 2: Write these values down and think about how they relate to your career. Step 3: Look for patterns and see what they tell you. Move on to step 4: Crafting your brand statement.

5. Create a healthy work/life/study balance.


I’ve created my top 9 tips on how to achieve the elusive work/life/study balance. Select one or two so that you don’t turn into a Tasmanian Devil whirling between work responsibilities, home duties and studying.

6. Explore a possible side-hustle.


Longer than a short-term gig, a side hustle lets you develop a talent or interest that could evolve into something more than just a passion. In just a few steps, you could be earning some additional cash on the side or set yourself on a career trajectory you hadn’t considered before.

7. Learn a new skill.


Whether it’s completing an entire certificate or taking a single course, simply updating your skills will keep you competitive, up to date and prepared to tackle anything work throws at you. We offer thousands of courses in various topics to make sure that your 2020 will shine as bright as you!