April 29 Online Event: Future of Supply Chain

Exploring AI and Smart Logistics

For decades, the realm of transportation management, warehouse management and order fulfillment remained set in archaic systems, isolated silos, inefficient processes and limited accessibility.

COVID-19 has revealed the weaknesses of a globalized manufacturing system, and in order to respond we need to fundamentally rethink supply chains. However, technology has risen to dramatically alter the execution of supply chain functions that one can rely upon to make it more resilient and effective.

In this panel event, we'll discuss:

  • Driving supply chain innovation, agility and resilience in a post COVID-19 world
  • The shift in consumer demands and learn how to drive the supply chain logistics to improve customer experience
  • Connecting digital and physical supply chains through technology
  • Using 3-D printing to shorten the supply chain
  • Use of Internet of Things (IoT) to increase transit visibility
  • Use of drones to increase the speed of delivery
  • Driverless vehicles to cut the costs of transportation
  • Using of blockchain, augmented reality, robotics and other technologies to makeg the supply chain more resilient and reliable


Jill Finlayson, Director, EDGE in Tech Initiative at UC Berkeley

Amit Jain, Co-Founder and CEO at The X Future

George P., Director of Global Innovation at Berkeley Skydeck

Paola Santana, Founder and CEO at GLASS | Government Ecosystems



Thursday, April 29

6 pm (PT)

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