Infographic: 5 Quick and Easy Ways to De-Stress

Feel your stress levels rising? Stop, take a moment and try one of our five easy ways to get the stress out of your day. Post this by your desk so when you need it, you've got a handy visual resource on how to get back to a happy harmony.

1. Practice Mindfulness.

Listen to your inner self, so you don’t tip over into the stress zone and finish that package of cookies or overindulge.

2. Breathe.

Try box breathing, or four-square breathing. Sit upright. For four seconds each, inhale deeply, hold your breath, exhale slowly and hold your breath again. Repeat the box.

3. Get Organized.

Put your daily tasks on a calendar you can refer to easily and list them in order of importance.

4. Always Ask for Help.

Recognize what makes you anxious, nervous or depressed—an important first step in maintaining your mental health.

5. Take Action Today.

Begin a self-care routine, which can include cutting down on screen time, to lessen anxieties.

Source: Maintaining Your Mental Health