June 22 Online Event: Conversation With Leslie Gray, Diversity and Inclusion at Mozilla

Leaders in diversity and inclusion speak about their goals, challenges and careers

Hear from Leslie Gray, Head of Diversity and Inclusion and Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO, at Mozilla.

In the ever-changing workplace, leaders with expertise in diversity, equity and inclusion are now more important than ever. Join Berkeley Global and the Expanding Diversity and Gender Equity in Tech (EDGE in Tech) Initiative at University of California for our speaker series featuring corporate leaders in diversity, equity and inclusion roles.

Moderators Ramu Nagappan, Assistant Dean at UC Berkeley Extension, and Jill Finlayson, Director of the EDGE in Tech Initiative at UC, will explore with Gray her career progression; key diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at Mozilla; as well as lessons learned she can pass on to other companies.

Guest Speaker: Leslie Gray

As Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Leslie Gray is responsible for diversity, equity and inclusion strategy and programming for Mozilla Corporation and in concert with Mozilla Foundation. Leslie’s D&I responsibilities are uniquely positioned within pan Mozilla; more specifically, the role reports to the CEO, Mitchell Baker, and has a dotted-line reporting structure to Mozilla Foundation’s Executive Director.

This structure is outside of the HR/People function and has consistent and continuous integration within Mozilla leadership and broader business strategies. In addition to leading Diversity and Inclusion, Leslie also manages business operations for the Office of the CEO and supports strategic projects on behalf of the Office of the CEO.

Prior to joining Mozilla, Leslie spent nine years at Microsoft in various roles from Director of Infrastructure and Database Management, Xbox division, to Chief of Staff for the Skype and Yammer organizations. Leslie began her career in business consulting with Accenture, helping companies leverage large consumer data sets, databases and novel technologies to better align product fit to consumer behavior. As a recovering technologist, Leslie now spends her time helping leaders and organizations drive improved business outcomes including revenue, usage, retention, employee engagement and diversity.

Video of the Event