Live Online Experience

Bringing classroom interaction to students around the globe

Our classes—whether in person or online—are known for bringing in academic and industry experts who bridge theory with practical use. They are your guides or mentors as you learn a new subject area or dive deeper to acquire additional skills.

Our new Live Online learning structure brings all the interactions of being in class, but allows you to learn from anywhere in the world.

Why Take an Online Class?

1. Online learning allows you to get the relevant, highly sought-after skills in a way that seamlessly integrates with your busy work schedule and life.

2. Whether you’re looking for academic or professional growth, need to complete prereqs for advanced study, want personal enrichment or to change your career, online classes and certificates can fit those needs.

3. You’ll get Berkeley-quality education, learn from working professionals and have opportunities to connect with, learn from and network with your fellow classmates. You’re just doing it remotely.



Real-time interaction means instant feedback.



Features of a Live Online Class

Replicating the in-class experience, the Live Online format fosters community and interaction with peers and your instructor through group projects with real-world relevance.

Structure. Your Live Online class will have a specific start and end date. But it adds classroom-style interactive learning.

View recorded lectures before attending the live class so you can learn theory and frameworks at your own pace. Then, attend scheduled online sessions—held in different time zones—with your instructor and classmates. Instructors deliver course content in interactive video conference sessions where you collaborate, apply the course material and engage in discussions.

Engage in active learning through the use of tools such as:

  • Breakout rooms with classmates to dig deeper into the course content or to work on a group project.
  • White boards to allow you to visualize the material in the same way as you would in an in-person class.
  • Polls to get your feedback on thought-provoking questions.


Guest speakers who are successful Silicon Valley executives.



Instructor Stephen Torres is excited about learning in this new format!


Immediate Feedback. Real-time interaction means instant feedback.

Your questions get answered immediately, and your views and opinions get timely responses.

Community. We’re all about creating learning environments in which you can engage with fellow classmates and your instructor.

Respond to instructor-posed questions.

Chat with other students about the course content, group projects and the like.

As part of the learning community, your instructor will always be present by serving as a mentor, providing personalized feedback and answering all of your questions via email or chat.

Global Networking. Your classmates reside in countries from around the world, creating a truly global experience.

You’ll learn and interact with professionals from different countries and industries and establish invaluable, lifelong relationships with classmates from every corner of the world.

Let’s hear from student PJ on her Live Online experience.


Your Instructors. Berkeley Global faculty. Guest speakers who are successful Silicon Valley executives. You'll have direct access to some of the leading minds in the world on cutting-edge topics. They are as passionate about their fields as they are about teaching!

Your instructor is available, even if he or she is remote. Ask questions about the material. Consider these opportunities as the equivalent of staying late after class to ask your instructor questions in person.

So while you may be living in the San Francisco Bay Area or across the nation or from around the globe, you can get Berkeley-quality education with that in-class feeling without leaving home!

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