March 5 Online Event: Underground Scholars—Creating a Prison-to-University Pipeline

Learn about the real impacts of mass incarceration and how education can counter harm

The Berkeley Global Speaker Series on Equity and Inclusion presents Azadeh Zohrabi, the director of UC Berkeley's Underground Scholars Program.

She will speak about the failure of mass incarceration to generate justice or safety and why it's important to invest in more life-affirming programs such as education to create safety, equity and belonging.

About Azadeh Zohrabi

Born into a lineage of activists and advocates, Azadeh is a natural leader who has experienced the intergenerational impacts of imprisonment and has a deep conviction to advocate for the underdog. With extensive experience in public policy, leadership development, community organizing and management, she is committed to ending mass incarceration and supporting formerly incarcerated leaders into new lives within their communities. At UC Berkeley, she is currently the Director of the Underground Scholars, a program that provides recruitment, retention and advocacy support to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated students.


Friday, March 5

9-10 am (PT)

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