May 7 Online Event: Careers in Lab Sciences

A job- and career-readiness fair with The Job Forum

Are you interested in science or have a medical or science job and want to advance? Come learn about Clinical Lab Science (CLS) careers.

This career event is especially geared toward job hunters who are looking into joining or making the next step for a career in the clinical laboratory setting or other health-related fields. You may be interested in roles in clinical laboratories and at organizations that are focused on research and public health.

Meet a range of working professionals who will advise you about the range of careers in lab science—such as hematology, immunology, diagnostic microbiology or oncology—and in roles such as research technician, microbiology tech, chemistry tech, medical equipment program manager, DNA analyst, genetic tester/counselor, cytotechnologist and more. We will talk about what certifications and programs you can take, the pathways to licensure, and what you need to become a Medical Lab Scientist and Lab supervisor or manager.

Instructor Thomas Kampfrath, Ph.D., DABCC, will join our expert panel!

Headshot of Thomas Kampfrath

Thomas received his masters in biology and a Ph.D. in physiology from the Technical University of Dresden in Germany. He conducted his graduate research in the field of air pollution at The Ohio State University and received his fellowship training at the University of Louisville. Afterward, he served as a clinical chemist at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (San Jose, Calif.), overseeing the chemistry, toxicology and special testing department at one of the largest county hospitals in California. Currently, he is a medical officer for Siemens Healthineers in Walpole, Mass., where he is responsible for the safety and efficacy of the laboratory testing devices sold by Siemens. He also teaches in our Quantitative Analysis: Applications in Clinical Chemistry online course!

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Tuesday, May 7

6 pm (PT)


Cost: Free


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