Online Event: Career Development—Cross-Cultural Communication

Gain insight into four CQ dimensions across different workplace scenarios

CQ measures your capability to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations.

In this session, we will be looking at your updated scores following a second CQ assessment designed to measure change over time. We will then be applying the four CQ dimensions across different workplace scenarios to gain a better understanding of how CQ impacts your daily work life.


Monday, November 30

8–10 am or 6–8 pm (Pacific Time)

Cost: $35

About the Speakers

Brett Yokom (morning session)
Brett Yokom is an instructor, presenter and workshop facilitator at UC Berkeley Extension. He has been active in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco region for four decades and has experienced the tremendous and constant growth and change of the technology industry. He combines his startup knowledge, intercultural experience and communication skills in his work as an educator. More recently, Brett has begun doctoral research on the experiences of startup founders in the tech ecosystem, and has increasingly been invited to speak at and facilitate events in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Vaneese Johnson (afternoon session)
Vaneese Johnson-The Boldness Coach™ is a certified career-management coach and personal brand strategist, award-winning international speaker, business coach and author. A 25-year full-time entrepreneur, Vaneese knows the power of building a strategic personal brand to elevate your career to next-level success.


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