My Experience Studying Remotely With Berkeley Global

You can learn anytime, anywhere! So why wait?

My Motiviation to Join Berkeley Global 

A couple of years ago, I visited the UC Berkeley campus and was impressed by the environment.

In 2020, I knew I wanted to study project management, so I searched online and found that Berkeley Global offered a Strategic Project Management certification. It was a one-year, full-time program for professionals that offers six courses per semester, so I decided to apply. Finally, I received an admission letter, and I'm excited to be part of UC Berkeley. Go Bears!

I was very excited to start my one-year learning journey in person! Once the pandemic happened, my study experience quickly transitioned to online–the best-laid plans! While I was worrying about what the experience would be like studying remotely, I realized taking online courses works well. Students can take classes anywhere they want and, most importantly, save commuting time, especially for students who live far from Berkeley.

Most of my classes were in the evenings or on the weekends. I liked to plan how to use a big chunk of time to organize my mornings and afternoons. I love using Google calendar because it helps me stay organized with my work tasks. Typically, first thing in the morning I will sit down in front of the computer and map out what I need to complete for the day. At the end of each day, I reflect on what I've completed and what I haven't. I then think about how I can do better for my next day.

Aside from school work, I like using my free time to search for local coffee and desserts. There is one coffee shop my uncle introduced to me called Lane-E Kefa coffee. Coffee always makes my morning start great!

On top of that, Salt & Straw is a local ice-cream shop that I recently tried out. I'm surprised at their variety of flavors. When I feel stressed out, ice cream helps me to re-energize. Studying remotely trains me to manage my time and use leisure time to explore local delicacies.

In a nutshell, studying remotely with Berkeley Global has been a great experience. I have not only learned new materials in my classes, but I have also learned from my classmates and professors. I wish I had heard of the Berkeley Global program sooner! By answering some common questions about my program, I hope it can help future Berkeley Global students have the best experience.

What is it like learning from Berkeley professors?

I like Berkeley professors because they care about their students and make class interactive to keep students engaged in class. I enjoy the group activities as it gives me a chance to interact with my classmates and learn from each other.

Berkeley professors enjoy sharing their knowledge, stories and experiences with their students. They welcome students to ask them any questions they may have in class or after the course. 


What activities can students participate in while staying at home?

Having some fun activities are essential while staying at home. During my spring semester, I encouraged myself to join clubs and events to meet with new people.

I participated in 5&2 Community Service Club. It helped me get to know new people while designing teaching material to contribute to the community. How fun!

Additionally, I liked joining UC Berkeley Extension's free events.  The most recent event was "The Future of Work: Expert Insights Into WorkPlace and Market Trends." It gave me fresh eyes into what's happening in today's job market. It provided some excellent insights in regard to interpersonal skills, industries, working remotely and more. It's helpful for anyone looking for a job or a career change. 

What holidays do I enjoy celebrating as a Berkeley Global student?

I love celebrating holidays, especially Christmas and Chinese New Year. Due to COVID-19, I had more time to connect with my family last year and this year. During Christmas, we had a fancy dinner together, and of course exchanged gifts with each other.

Growing up in an Asian household, celebrating Chinese New Year is always a big day for a family reunion. I had a chance to Facetime with my parents in Taiwan and other family members in the Philippines. Celebrating holidays is always something fun to me!










What is next after completing the program?

I plan to begin my search for an internship/full-time job. Berkeley Global allows students to apply for an internship program after graduating from the certificate. I think that it's going to be a perfect opportunity for students to apply what they've learned to the real world.

I enrolled in a summer internship program and am currently looking for an opportunity to do an internship related to a management role in the U.S. I am very excited to use all that I have learned in Berkeley Global to my future internship role!