I have always loved being creative and curious, which led me to start my career at the largest CPG company: Procter & Gamble. While working on their brand, Pampers—which was worth $7 billion

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The origins of Terri Lynn Cardona’s business success lies in a typical college job slinging coffee and snacks. From that initial love of the pace and pressure of food service, Cardona has steadily

On Wednesday, August 14, current Project Management certificate students and others who are interested in taking the PMP® Exam came to our San Francisco location to hear how our esteemed panelists

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On Wednesday, June 5, 2019, members of the Personal Financial Planning certificate community came together for the 13th annual awards dinner at UC Berkeley's Faculty Club to recognize exceptional

On Monday, May 20, prospective and current project management students arrived at our San Francisco campus ready to hear from certificate alumni, instructors and working professionals. Program

Ehab Saad, Ph.D., CMA, CFM, has a magical word that he believes makes him a successful teacher: love.

He loves teaching. Specifically, Ehab loves teaching numerical subjects such as

Certificate Program in Project Management graduate Hazel Johanson is no stranger to managing project schedules.

With our certificate, Hazel is rounding out her skill set. From planning and

Sometimes all it takes is one opportunity at work to change your career direction. For Jaimee Drew, it was being asked to join a team for a credit union’s organizational project.

Three years ago, Eleanor Portacio Abea decided to steer away from a career track that she no longer found challenging. While she had worn many different hats at Stanford Health Care—including

When he began the UC Berkeley Extension Certificate in Project Management, Joshua Lanada was working full time as the Project Coordinator for startup video game company Trion Worlds.

What is a project? “A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result.”

I’m an international student from El Salvador who has been studying business.Before coming to UC Berkeley Extension, I finished my bachelor’s degree in business administration at Universidad

In the tech world, successful professionals need to know the technical ins and outs of the company’s product, as well as customer-facing marketing skills. For Marketing certificate graduate

For some, online advice and tutorials provide enough information to keep their finances on track. For others—like Sarah Sprague—having a more structured learning environment is preferable.

Now a senior product marketing manager at Granular, Sophia Fox once thought she’d build her career on political science and international relations—subjects she’d studied since middle school.

An Agile Product Owner is a key role in today’s world. What once was solely in the domain of software development, this position is now an integral part of many businesses and functions across

Do you ever wonder why you treat the money in a savings account differently than the funds in your checking account?

The nonprofit’s dedication to empowering survivors of violence remains strong—and helping the cause is Heather Anderson. She began working at Live Violence Free as a legal advocate, discussing

I recently saw The Lego Movie with three young children. I have always loved Lego™ and thought it would be a great deal of fun. I was not disappointed—it is a very clever movie.

There’s an expectation that when you graduate college, you’re going to pursue a riveting career in your chosen major. But for some, a passion in college doesn’t translate to a passion in the

While we must absolutely understand each of the project management knowledge areas—that's the goal of earlier classwork—project management is, above all, a set of well-defined, predictable

On Wednesday, November 28, current students and those interested in our Certificate Program in Personal Financial Planning came to our San Francisco campus to hear how our esteemed panelists—many

As long as there are lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants will have jobs—in fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 15-percent growth rate for paralegal and legal assistant positions

On Wednesday, Nov. 7, prospective and current project management students arrived at our San Francisco campus ready to hear from certificate alumni, instructors and working professionals. The

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in tech, you might want to head over to TechCrunch, a website dedicated to reporting on news, opinions and analysis from tech

Medieval History is fascinating: manorialism, feudalism, Vikings, the Crusades. These are just a few of the highlights from this 10-century-long period that Aleisha Gottlund enjoyed teaching at

While Marissa Joy Clark felt unchallenged in her day-to-day work as an office manager, there was one shining light: She was able to work on marketing functions, even though it wasn’t part of her

Lisa Bausell, M.B.A., PMP, teaches Project Management and Project Leadership and Building High-Performing Teams. She has extensive experience working as a project manager, most notably in the IT

“Professionally, this certificate has earned me a promotion and respect from the owners of Veritable Vegetable,” enthuses Certificate Program in Accounting graduate Casey Velasco of her new

You could say that project management instructor Edmond Matevosian is no stranger to risk management.

Mark Schreier is no stranger to the legal field. Since 1999, he’s held various legal assistant positions, primarily focused on intellectual property.

This story should sound familiar to anyone who is thinking of switching careers to accounting.

It was during her work as an HR assistant that Yvonne Ayala realized that this was the career she wanted to pursue. The following year, Yvonne moved to Spain and began the next step in solidifying

In this workshop, you'll use interactive exercises to explore and identify the values, transferable skills, motivations and personal realities that you'll want to align as you consider new career

In this workshop, pick up some personal branding, networking and job interviewing strategies, and walk away with a personal road map for your career transition.

We’re excited to announce the newest addition to our faculty roster, Dr. James Webb, who will teach the online section Introduction to Financial Accounting starting Sept. 4.

When you enter 2018 Honored Instructor Helena Weiss-Duman’s Special Events Project Planning course, expect two things:

The sound of Todd Lawrence and his wife’s eight-month-old son crying as they dropped him off at daycare so they could go to work catapulted him toward a complete overhaul of his career. Instead of

After working in IT for a number of years, Sterling Tai found that the work wasn’t his cup of tea. He was good at numbers and desired work that was long-term and stable. But to career-switch to a

Brian Naylor knows a thing or two about online retail and project management, having worked with international brands across a range of industries around the globe.

Because the Certificate Program in Project Management can be completed fully online, we see students who come from all regions of the United States—and even abroad. Such is the case with 2016

You can find Lyndsay Orwig starting the second rotation of her Accountant Internship Program with the City and County of San Francisco.

Take creating your own brand one step further by creating a résumé that reflects your new brand statement and that employers will want to read.

On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, members of the Personal Financial Planning certificate community came together for its 12th annual awards dinner at UC Berkeley's Faculty Club to recognize exceptional

We are proud to announce that our Certificate Program in Accounting is ranked #2 by the Accounting Degree Review, an independent resource for current and prospective accounting and finance

For the past 12 years, Erik Bridy has held numerous financial consultant positions at Cushman & Wakefield to support various commercial real estate clients. His current role sees him primarily

The Project Management Institute (PMI) recently released its Earning Power Report, which shows that survey respondents who hold the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification have a

Today, you’ll find Rebecca Anderson helping students and working professionals find firm footing into a career that they are passionate about—even if that career isn’t what they had originally

In Nepal, agriculture is considered one of the major economic sectors—employing 66 percent of the total population and contributing 33 percent to the GDP. With such a high dependency placed on

Instructor Ray Ranga's path from engineer to a cybersecurity product manager shows that he never shies away from a new challenge—or risk. Now, he helps his students do the same.

In this free webinar, learn some easy profile tweaks and take advantage of new features to make the LinkedIn platform more effective for you.

Technology changes in an instant: what was once cutting-edge is now obsolete. Staying ahead requires flexibility and perspective. For this, we look to seasoned project manager, Anoop Grover.

While Michele Davis may have transitioned from a profession in sales to one in human resources, the talents to be a successful and respected HR practitioner come easily to her.

On Nov. 30, 2017, current students and those interested in our Certificate Program in Personal Financial Planning came to our San Francisco campus to hear how four women made their way to

Check out Rebecca Anderson's presentation on creating Brand You, with tips on optimizing your résumé and LinkedIn profile.

The latest two reports from the Project Management Institute focus on the need for an organization to be agile in today’s complex and disruptive global marketplace. As reported in both “Achieving

Come celebrate the International Project Managers’ Professional Development day! Join us on Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017 (8 am–5 pm) to hear from talented speakers, network with fellow project managers

As the manager of the solutions engineering team at OneLogin, Khizar Sultan is responsible for the output of his five solutions engineers. These engineers work hand-in-hand with an in-house sales

To be held October 12, 2017, the Project Management L.A. conference focuses on the evolving landscape of technology solutions that can improve communication, connectivity and processes for today’s

In addition to launching its new website, the International Forum for Behavioral Finance and Economics has opened registration for the 2017 Behavioral Finance Symposium, to be held Nov. 3 and 4.

While recently having blood drawn for a medical screen, the attendant asked what I do for a living. I shared with her that I was a company culture consultant and the founder of the Conscious

To be a successful actor and voice-over artist, one must put themselves into their character's mindset in order to deliver a believable portrayal. "What is my character feeling during this scene

The HR Certification Institute (HRCI) announced revisions to the exam content outline for the Senior Professional in Human Resources International™ (SPHRi™) certification to reflect the need for

College Choice, an independent online publication that aims to help students find the right program, has recently released its top rankings of online paralegal programs for 2017—and our

Digital marketing expert and LinkedIn marketing account executive Giselle Sevgi, M.B.A., joined us at our recent Brand You presentation to provide some do’s and don’ts on improving your personal

When Sadia Saif relocated to the U.S. from her native Pakistan in 2007, she was in the midst of earning her M.B.A. from Bahria University. Moving to the Bay Area for personal reasons, Saif was

Today, Anthony is fully invested in project management, working as an IT project manager at Agilent Technologies. There, he leads IT project teams to implement solutions that increase the

When in 2013 Neha Siddana moved to the U.S. for personal reasons, she’d already logged four years as an HR manager with international India-based company ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company

Many businesses are unaware that they’re facing these problems—and yet the solution is right in front of them. Marketing. In fact, if many businesses began to market themselves, they would solve

For marketing certificate graduate Jonathan Geilhufe, he's ready to make each potential lender a well-informed, educated and confident home-buyer. How? As the new Director of Digital Marketing at

Last year, Heather Paulsen won the “Building the Movement 2016” award at the annual B Corporation Champions Retreat for her stewardship and project management expertise in helping companies become

However you define the field of pairing data with human resources, the end-result remains the same: Making HR more strategic, more impactful to the business as a whole.

Evan Brookes credits his understanding of the legal process and his ability to dissect contracts to his training at UC Berkeley Extension.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently established the SHRM Northern California Chapter, which serves HR professionals in the San Francisco, Oakland/Walnut Creek, San Jose,

Keeping your skills sharp and staying up to date with trends in your field are key in today's competitive climate.

For Jacqueline Flores, working as a paralegal comes with some great perks. As she finishes up her undergraduate studies in order to apply to law school, Flores is able to keep her head in a legal

While J.P. Ouellette’s career path up until coming to UC Berkeley Extension’s project management certificate may seem a bit “nonlinear,” each position required him to manage a team

Career strategist Nathan Tanner worked in finance for several years before earning his M.B.A. and transitioning into HR at LinkedIn. He eventually became HR Partner of Product, where he provided

Brian Luo earned his B.S. in economics and mathematics from UC San Diego. Two years later, he found himself sitting in a UC Berkeley Extension accounting course at night while working full time as

When Vince Scarlata came to UC Berkeley Extension to complete the Certificate in Project Management and Professional Sequence in Project Human Resource Management, he had been working as a

Ensuring that a conference is successful isn't just about getting the word out to fill seats. It's also not just about putting together a series of panels or events to draw in the crowd.

For 22 years, Vincent Scarlata had a successful career as a business analyst at a San Francisco financial services firm. But a sudden staff reduction meant new skills.

As the Senior New Business Representative at PG&E, Certificate Program in Project Management graduate Kate St. Amour manages new commercial business and residential developments for gas and

If content is king, then data is the ace in your pocket.

Unsure of making the career change to HR from a program coordinator role at a social enterprise accelerator program, Bocanegra started at the beginning: taking Essentials of Human Resources at UC

Natalia Aranda Castro thought that when she moved to the Bay Area from her native Colombia, she would have to give up her legal career. But she soon found out that this isn't the case at all.

While working as a management consultant at a Big 4 consulting firm, Shilpi Agrawal was drawn to the interactions with different clients and team members on a daily basis.

Jason Miller doesn't have a moment to spare. As LinkedIn's group manager for content marketing and social media, and the recent author of Welcome to the Funnel: Proven Tactics to Turn Your Social

Since moving to the United States from his native Rwanda, he has completed a master’s degree in social work and public health, and a Ph.D. in social policy and social research from Loma Linda

After working in the nonprofit art sector for several years and discovering a penchant for human resources (HR), Gibson was hired as an employee benefits manager at a local nonprofit in 2007.

Working toward leadership and management skills often means taking continuing education courses to get certified in these professional competencies. José Tercero was one such person who followed

Students had an opportunity to ask questions and network with members of the Bay Area professional financial planning community.

While many teenagers try to figure out what they want to be when they grow up, Angela Sullivan knew right away in junior high: While taking a business course, she knew she wanted to be an

With 20 years of experience in sales—the past 12 with BIA Cordon Bleu as VP of sales—Nathaniel Allen doesn't require new skills or knowledge to advance his career. Rather, he's looking for a new

With 25 years of experience in software engineering, Susan George is learning current methodologies to advance her management career. After completing the Professional Sequence in Agile Management

Daniel Levie's passion is cooking and has been since he was young. A sous chef at UC Berkeley's Cafe 3 dining hall, Levie not only pushes himself to further his own culinary adventures but also

Stan Lewandowski—a corporate lawyer at K&L Gates working with startups, banks and energy companies—knows that success at his job requires being fully versed in the intricate financial aspects

A move to the United States from her home country finds Tanvi Mahajani making a transition from dentistry to a new career in business. Currently volunteering in the American Red Cross’s Volunteer

After 13 years in technical and product support at Bio-Rad Laboratories, Carla Terry welcomes a career change that she can feel passionate about.

Instructor Tony Yeh's presentation at a Certificate Program in Finance information session continues to resonate with Josh Fiedler—specifically, Yeh's insistence that the curriculum emphasizes

With more than seven years of human resources experience at a Bay Area architecture firm, Iulia Moldovan is gaining additional HR knowledge with the Certificate Program in Human Resource

Eric Hon wasn't a passive student while completing the Certificate Program in Personal Financial Planning. Rather, he engaged his instructors and took that extra time to pick their brains for

Previously working at engineering firm Integral Group/Rumsey Engineers since its start in the founder's garage, certificate graduate Maria Briggs Berta is now working at another engineering

Learning in an online-only environment is certainly a different way to soak up knowledge than being in a physical classroom. But for Kyle Cameron, his determination to excel in the Certificate