You hear “big data” everywhere. But it’s not just some new company jargon; it’s a growing field that businesses are red-hot to employ because they know that data will drive their company forward

You’ve almost certainly heard of bitcoin. But, this newsworthy virtual currency is really only a supporting element in the much more intriguing new blockchain technology.

20% of job growth for web developers through 2020 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with a mean annual wage of $82,000 in California.

Even junior web developers can pull down $70

Carl Limsico, one of our 2018 Honored Instructors, showed an early interest in computing sparked by the gift of an Atari 800 from his parents.

As a leading cybersecurity consultant, Jenelle Davis has helped protect more than 60 Fortune 500 organizations from a host of online threats.

Making a career transition is no easy feat for any working professional. Between working full time and other responsibilities, making education a priority in order to learn skills can be