Athletics and data analytics may seem like two separate worlds. But recent data analytics boot camp grad Ian Wilson combined these two passions into a successful career at workout startup Fitbod

A 2018 survey from labor-market data firm Burning Glass revealed more than 150,000 nationwide listings included data analysis in the job title; more than 27,000 of those jobs were located in

While still enrolled in UC Berkeley Extension’s Certificate Program in Data Science, Swathi Annamalai started as a data scientist at edtech startup CreativeLive. She had already completed four

The phrase “high-throughput screening” doesn’t initially grab your interest, but when you delve into it—the complexity and applications of its processes—you start to see why Joseph Walker is

Ehler Orngard’s career history is less of an arc and more of a squiggly line. For his undergraduate studies, he majored in economics, Spanish and music.

Learning how to code in just 12 weeks takes stamina and fortitude to get through the amount of work that the students have to master.

You hear “big data” everywhere. But it’s not just some new company jargon; it’s a growing field that businesses are red-hot to employ because they know that data will drive their company forward

You’ve almost certainly heard of bitcoin. But, this newsworthy virtual currency is really only a supporting element in the much more intriguing new blockchain technology.

20% of job growth for web developers through 2020 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with a mean annual wage of $82,000 in California.

Even junior web developers can pull down $70

Carl Limsico, one of our 2018 Honored Instructors, showed an early interest in computing sparked by the gift of an Atari 800 from his parents.

As a leading cybersecurity consultant, Jenelle Davis has helped protect more than 60 Fortune 500 organizations from a host of online threats.

Making a career transition is no easy feat for any working professional. Between working full time and other responsibilities, making education a priority in order to learn skills can be