Brett Yokom works extensively with international students and teaches our Business English course, geared toward UC Berkeley Extension international program participants and other English as a

They’ve studied Chinese. Learning Chinese has become more popular and increasingly necessary in today’s global marketplace, giving those who can speak Mandarin greater leverage in growing their

Chances are, you’ve thought about learning a foreign language before. Did you know ... The benefits of bilingualism include improved cognitive skills and reduced risk of dementia. The annual

Across four continents and in over 21 countries, more than 400 million people worldwide speak Spanish as their native language. In the United States alone, by 2060 the number of Latinos living

"The great thing about the program is that it cuts across demographic lines," he says. "When you're getting feedback, you don't get it from a single demographic but from different types of people

For teachers, the key to engaging the minds of children is to expand on the information already included in the required textbooks. With that in mind middle-school teacher Liz Bodle seeks new

Back in 2011, during evenings and weekends, Jeff McLaughlin studied, read and translated ancient Greek and Latin. "Work occupies so much of our time,” he says. "It's great to have this opportunity