Rebecca blogs about international programs and student stories for UC Berkeley Extension. She has a bachelor's degree in anthropology and Spanish literature and a master's degree in international education.

Ever wanted to work in the United States? If you complete two semesters of study through our Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP) or our Professional Certificates, you may become eligible

Thinking back to how the past few months unfolded, I can say that I’ve become more open, more proactive, more comfortable in the unknown and more curious about the world around me.

Five fellow BHGAPers and I decided to go on a road trip to Los Angeles, Death Valley, and Las Vegas. I had a memorable spring break trip with the best people I can ever imagine. I'm grateful for a

My name is Karin, a globetrotter, a foodie, and an adventurer at heart. I study business administration and computer science at the Technical University of Munich. One month ago, I packed my bags

I’ve been so accustomed to acquiring knowledge through textbooks. But here at BHGAP I get it through hands-on experience.

Studying in BHGAP is never just limited to classrooms. What makes BHGAP unique is that it provides students opportunities to personally experience and be immersed in leading businesses, through

You can truly be yourself here, since no one is judgmental and the environment is so inclusive—there are no “right” answers in class, so each voice can be heard equally.

I have to admit; I was very skeptical when arriving in Berkeley because I had never made an investment as big as $20K. Looking back, I do not regret any of it and if I were asked, I would do it

I am enrolled in a series of really interesting and mind boggling classes. I won't write in detail about each subject, but I want to evaluate those which I favor the most.

There is a lot of fun stuff to do around the Bay Area and even though my workweek is packed with essays, readings and group projects, I sometimes get to go on adventures with my new international

Exactly one month ago, I arrived at San Francisco International Airport, together with my classmate Chris. We had no idea what an incredible journey would lie ahead of us.

I still remember the most frequent question I was asked when I first arrived in the U.S.— “Why did you choose to come to Berkeley? Now that my time in Berkeley is over, I can look back and tell

We wanted to provide more resources for international students who come to study in Berkeley. The career development that we offer ensures that they leave not only with practical skills related to

I’d always known Berkeley provided a sound education, but I soon gained an understanding of what life after high school and the real world is all about.

Dan Nguyen Pham is a biology and biotechnology student at the University of Copenhagen. He spent his semester abroad at UC Berkeley, which is regularly ranked as one of the world's top public

We sat down with Jennifer Caleshu, M.B.A., a lecturer for BHGAP, to learn more about her approach and what she sees as the most important lessons students get out of the Design Thinking course.

Luisa Naranjo Azcarate works at Google, continually voted one of the best companies to work for in the U.S. But her path to Silicon Valley isn't your typical one—she's a psychology major from

I already knew that the process of preparing to studying abroad would be difficult... What to bring, where to live, food, visas, money, mobile phones… I want to share only the five most useful

It is a wonderful class, arguably the best or second-best class I've ever taken. If I were allowed to take only this class through BHGAP, it would still be worth the money and time spent abroad.

Take a look at some of our favorite images and videos from last semester's closing ceremony.

8:30 am—Leave the House. Because I live a little further from campus, I bike to school. From summer to autumn, Berkeley is sunny every day. I have only seen it rain once, something that I love.

One of my favorite aspects of the program were the company visits that took place. Companies around San Francisco and the Silicon Valley opened their arms to us, and it was nice to see such a

A few days ago, my semester abroad at UC Berkeley and the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program came to an end...Everything went by so fast. Instead of writing a long post about an experience that

From the beginning we thought: What is special about UC Berkeley? What is special about Silicon Valley? Further, how do we combine these unique strengths in one program? That's how we designed the

During the lecture, the importance of strategy, patience, and knowledge in salary negotiations were all covered and BHGAP students were given a comprehensive overview on how they can succeed in

There is one aspect that distinguishes Haas from different business schools. No other business school has such great, experienced, interactive and passionate professors.

Coming into Berkeley, I was unsure of how my own background would fit in with the rest of the students, program, and surrounding areas. I went in with the motivation to improve my business

My favorite aspect about the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program are the company visits. The main purpose of these is to present Silicon Valley’s way of life regarding business culture.

We talked to Jonathan Marshall, Director of the Legal Studies Program, to find out what kinds of activities are offered outside the class each semester, and which courses are popular with

The CFP experience is like a "starter pack": It gives you all the tools you need, and then when you are in college, you decide how to use them.

Many of my friends always ask me: What is it like studying at Berkeley? Is it really that hard? Do you get what you paid for?

In California, especially in Berkeley, the public transportation is wonderful. All buses, subways and apps are well-structured and developed.

Last weekend we went on a trip to Yosemite National Park—one of the most famous and most beautiful national parks in the U.S. As a group of 15 people from Denmark, Germany, U.S. and Mexico, we

In the beginning when I came to Berkeley to take part in the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program, it was kind of weird for me to see everybody chatting about football instead of soccer. But I

On the first day of the semester, Alex Budak, the program director of the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program, said that this semester would be transformational for us. At the time, this was hard

Maria Paula Bicalho received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration in Brazil. Wanting a study-abroad experience that would provide her with focused instruction in marketing, Maria

After some reflection, I realize that an important part of the magic here at UC Berkeley is people’s attitudes of inclusion and acceptance.

Hi, I am Camila Ali Abdalla, also known as Mila. I am an economics student in Brazil; my university in São Paulo is called Insper. This fall, I am doing an exchange program at UC Berkeley called

They traveled far outside the borders of their home countries to immerse themselves in their new lives as UC Berkeley students and to experience the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley

On a recent trip to Brazil we decided to find out what our alumni had to say about their experience in our professional certificate programs.

Jingbo Jiang participated in the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program during the Fall 2017 semester. He is a senior from Fudan University (Shanghai, China), where he majors in International

Take a peek inside the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP) closing ceremony. These future entrepreneurs spent the last semester studying abroad at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Wenhan Lu—originally from Dalian, China—always wanted to study in the United States. After graduating from Nankai University (Tianjin, China) with a degree in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics,

This is a guest post written by Berkeley Haas Global Access Program student Ziyi (Jerrie) Zhang, who is also a finance major at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen).

What is blockchain and why is it so exciting? Professor Greg La Blanc, lecturer at Haas School of Business and Boalt Hall School of Law, recently led a session for Berkeley Haas Global Access

Complementing their courses, Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP) students have the opportunity to visit Bay Area companies and meet key players that make the Bay Area the epicenter of

Hoo Jian Li is an Engineering Product Development student in his senior year at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). He is part of the Integrated Bachelors and Masters

Although the statistics point to a growing and more diverse U.S. population, we continue to see patterns of unequal representation in the workforce. The gender pay gap persists in the U.S.

Guest speaker Robert Strand, Executive Director of the Center for Responsible Business at Berkeley Haas, presented a lunchtime talk for Berkeley Haas Global Access Program entrepreneurship

Three students from the first Berkeley Haas Global Access Program cohort were selected to become social media ambassadors. Throughout the semester-long business program they took photos, created

Brett Yokom works extensively with international students and teaches our Business English course, geared toward UC Berkeley Extension international program participants and other English as a

The Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP) brings top-qualifying international students interested in business to campus for a one- or two-semester immersive study abroad experience. Have a

Camilo Navarro, an alumnus of UC Berkeley Extension's professional certificate programs, and Alvaro Silberstein, a graduate of UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, co-founded Wheel the World, a

On October 23, Dr. Suzy Thomas, a UC Berkeley Extension Honored Instructor, will be recognized as California's 2017 School Counselor Educator of the Year.

If you’re looking for a program to get a quick-and-dirty overview on the basics of teaching English, this isn’t it. But if you’ve never taught in a classroom before, or want to challenge yourself

In the summer of 2016, Dawn Walton-Ary was promoted to Vice Principal of Curriculum and Instruction at The Conservatory of Vocal and Instrumental Arts (COVA), where she is responsible for creating

They’ve studied Chinese. Learning Chinese has become more popular and increasingly necessary in today’s global marketplace, giving those who can speak Mandarin greater leverage in growing their

Chances are, you’ve thought about learning a foreign language before. Did you know ... The benefits of bilingualism include improved cognitive skills and reduced risk of dementia. The annual

Across four continents and in over 21 countries, more than 400 million people worldwide speak Spanish as their native language. In the United States alone, by 2060 the number of Latinos living

Take a moment and think back to your high school days. Imagine: maybe you're busy with sports, clubs and academics, not to mention studying for your SATs or ACTs. Do you remember how you ended up

Check out our clickable infographic to learn more about careers in English as a second language and the UC Berkeley Extension TESL certificate.

It has been four years since Dennis Crawford completed the Certificate Program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Although he claims to be fully retired, Crawford’s career

David Presti, Ph.D., is an interesting guy. His areas of expertise include drugs’ effects on the brain, the treatment of addiction, and the scientific study of the mind and consciousness.

A graduate of UC Berkeley Extension’s Designated Subjects Adult Education (DSAE) Teaching Credential program, Drain is now one of a team of 12 teachers who works with newly blind adults at the

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages offers a window into other cultures, a way of better understanding your own, and an avenue to connect with your students and community. Nora

Not everyone is sure if what interests them is what they are meant to do for a living. With the Certificate Program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Sylvia Cossar got her feet

Kim Jones knows the importance of education. A high-school dropout, Jones returned to school to receive his GED, which was soon followed by an associate's and then a master's. After working in

As the market shifts toward skill-centered jobs, calls for prioritizing career and technical education (CTE) increase. The U.S. Secretary of Education remarked, “CTE has an enormous, if often

"The great thing about the program is that it cuts across demographic lines," he says. "When you're getting feedback, you don't get it from a single demographic but from different types of people

For teachers, the key to engaging the minds of children is to expand on the information already included in the required textbooks. With that in mind middle-school teacher Liz Bodle seeks new

"The classroom is putting the theory into practice. In our minds, we go over scenarios but when you’re actually in front of students everything is unpredictable. What will the student say, what

"I had a lot of students from India and Korea, and I didn't know how to help them," he says. "They were really well-meaning and bright students, but they came in with such weak writing and

Back in 2011, during evenings and weekends, Jeff McLaughlin studied, read and translated ancient Greek and Latin. "Work occupies so much of our time,” he says. "It's great to have this opportunity

Originally a public finance instructor at Chabot College, before taking positions in the aerospace industry and as a software engineer, Briski is returning to his first love: teaching. Setting his

Nora Mitchell compares her professional career to stages in a play. Act 1: A position in high-tech marketing communications for 12 years at Wind River Systems. Act 2: Working at a nonprofit and

While some students take classes and then volunteer to get real-world experience, Phyliss Martinez, a UC Berkeley School of Law program administrator, is taking the opposite route. Already a

Ho's advice to others considering educational options is to always invest in your career. "As educators, we are paid—and bumped up—according to how many continuing education units we get. In my

Amy Loewen transferred all of her credits earned in the Certificate Program in Teaching English as a Second Language to the University of San Francisco’s M.A. in TESL. Saving both time and money,