Everyone Has the Right to Good Design

Laura Klavon continues to add new skills

Laura Klavon

Communications isn't just about words, social media posts or newsletters. And as the grant and communications coordinator at Berkeley Public Schools Fund, Laura Klavon looked to add to her communications skill set and found what she needed with the UC Berkeley Extension Professional Program in Graphic Design. The benefits came quickly: She was able to bring the fund's design work in-house and expand her graphic design capabilities into reports and brochures.

"My design passion is working with nonprofits, government organizations, political campaigns and education groups—organizations that don't necessarily have access to design work," the recent graduate says. "Graphic design shouldn't be a privilege or luxury—everyone has the right to good design—and it can be so effective for organizations like that."

This passion was sparked while taking Illustrator I, in which she mastered complex design tools and felt that she could conquer anything. "Until you know Illustrator, you're really just kind of moving shapes around and hoping something works," she explains. "But that class really brought it together: Here are the tools that you need to make something beautiful and easy to understand. And I still feel like I'm having 'aha' moments all the time: when I figure out a new tool or find something that lines up better than I had previously been thinking."