SF Design Week Event Series

Enjoy the diversity of design disciplines in the Bay Area

SF Design Week is produced by AIGA San Francisco, the professional association for design for professionals engaged in the discipline, practice and culture of designing.

This is the third year that the Department of Art and Design will host events at Extension’s SF campus as part of SF Design Week. This year’s low-fee events include a panel discussion, lectures and workshops focused on a variety of design topics.

Following is an overview of SF Design Week events that will be held at Extension’s SF campus (and one off-site event).

Graphic Recording: Tapping Your Inner Cave Painter to Drive Business Results


Thursday, June 15, 2–5 pm
In this 3-hour workshop, you are immersed in the real-time, hand-drawn visual language of graphic recording, and discover why thousands of companies and nonprofits have relied on this unique practice at their most strategic meetings and events.

Learn about and begin to practice a powerful meeting facilitation technique that taps directly into how our brains are wired. Companies like Google, eBay, Deloitte, Cisco, Harley Davidson, Wharton School of Business, Target, and Saatchi & Saatchi regularly use graphic recorders when the stakes are high and people need to understand the big picture.

Jamie E. Does, M.A., M.F.A., is a visual strategist, lifelong artist, seasoned businessman, organizational behavior specialist and communications expert who has worked both internally in tech and as an external consultant to Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit organizations.

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Innovative Minds Explore Interior Design (Fee $20)
Friday, June 16, 1–3:30 pm

Top interior designers Catherine Kwong, Gary Hutton, Jay Jeffers and Eche Martinez reveal details of their creative process and strategic thinking. Moderated by design editor/author Diane Dorrans Saeks, four California interior designers will present selected images from their recent portfolios and show us new works on the boards. Reception to follow.

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Structured Data

Structured Data and Content Enable UX Design Integrity at Enterprise Scale

(Fee $15)
Friday, June 16, 2:30–4:30 pm
In this two-hour presentation, you'll learn how data points that appear in content (e.g., cities, people's names, job titles, product specs) form the building blocks for content templates (e.g., product and people pages, FAQs, landing pages, set-up guides), along with the foundation for Google Search results and dynamic content. Discover why users' mental maps rely on the predictability and consistency of content templates for good UX, especially at enterprise scale.

Will your UX design work stand the test of time and the employees who use content management systems (CMS)? Without structure, chaos reigns. UX designers who champion structured data and content on the back end can help ensure great designs stay current in the future.

Lisanne Wirth launched her UX content consultancy, Contentment Communications, to fuel innovation with communication and technology. She implemented the first content management system for VerizonWireless.com, directed the first SEO, governance, accessibility, and tagging strategy for Teach For America, and managed large-scale CMS projects in Drupal, Wordpress, and AEM. A background as a writer and editor user of CMS helps her identify hidden UX opportunities on the front end and back end.

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Data-Driven Design: Web and Mobile Analytics for Quantitative User Research and Testing (Fee $50)
Saturday, June 17, 10 am–1 pm

This talk will help budding UX and digital product designers embrace web and mobile metrics for more convincing, effective and irrefutable outcomes. Participants will learn the basics of the most common social, mobile, commerce and web metrics; how to align metrics with the user, product, and business goals; how metrics can guide UX at any stage; some sources of where and how to gather free metrics data; and which metrics best suit which type of project.

A powerful but often-ignored gold mine of UX design research, analysis, evaluation, and persuasion exists that even many senior UX designers ignore: digital metrics. Web and mobile metrics contain a trove of useful behavioral and usability data that UX practitioners can use to complement the typically qualitative research approaches of user-centered design.

Beverly May, M.B.A., M.S., is the executive director of the UX Awards, the premier awards for exceptional UX; the 6th UX Awards will be October 4–5, 2017, in Palo Alto. She is also the founder of The Concepts Lab, teaches analytics and product design at Columbia University and product management and UX at General Assembly, and delivers talks and workshops globally. May has led the UX and product strategy consultancy Oxford Tech since 2008, which specializes in data-driven UX and product strategy.
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An Introduction to the Study of Plants and Planting Design in the Landscape (Fee $25)
Saturday, June 17, 10 am–1 pm

Instructors Quin Ellis and Mary Swanson will lead a group trip at the San Francisco Arboretum. They will introduce botanic terms and help identify some plants as well as teach some general planting design concepts. Participants will observe plant characteristics and consider several specimens' design use and potential in Bay Area landscapes.

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David Lance Goines

David Lance Goines: The Designer as Printer

(Fee $10)
Monday, June 19, 3:30–5:30 pm
Learning as you go along: a discussion of the designer as printer, tailoring his design within his capacities and the limitations of his equipment.

David Lance Goines is a Berkeley, California author, graphic designer and printer. Plying his trade in the same location since 1965, he has worked successively with mimeography, offset lithography and letterpress. He is the author of five books, collaborated on three, and his work has been the subject of six others. In 1968 he founded Saint Hieronymus Press and there has remained, designing his work and printing it by both letterpress and photo-offset lithography. His artwork has been reproduced in numerous professional publications, including American Illustration, Communication Arts, Graphis, How, Print and Step-By-Step Graphics.

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The Magic of Watercolor for Illustrators and Designers (Fee $35)
Tuesday, June 20, 6–10 pm

Watercolor is a wonderfully versatile medium that can be used to render both loose landscapes and highly detailed illustrations. This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to a variety of ways to use watercolor including: graduated and granulated washes, interesting ways to mix color, transparent glazing and watercolor textures.

Illustrators and designers can incorporate this historic medium in conceptual drawings as well as finished artwork.

Chip Sullivan is a professor in UC Berkeley's Landscape Architecture Department. He was the 1985 Fellow in Landscape Architecture at the American Academy in Rome. He is also the recipient of the 2016 Jot D. Carpenter Teaching Medal, one of the highest awards of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Julie Downing is the author or illustrator of over 45 books for children. She has won the Parents' Choice Award and the New York Public Library Best Books Award.

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