Like many starting college, Ankita chose a major where the expectations were known: Her father was a businessman, so she studied business. But Ankita always had a penchant for design.

Marcela Corona was already leaning toward a design career when she first came to the United States with her partner, a graduate student at UC Berkeley.

As part of San Francisco Design Week, legendary Berkeley printer and artist David Lance Goines gave a wide-ranging talk at our San Francisco Campus that used examples from his printing career to...

Named after artist Paul Cézanne, Bay Area native Cezanne Rothberg turned to graphic design after a year and a half as a travel photographer and writer in Bali.

This is the third year that the Department of Art and Design will host events at Extension’s SF campus as part of SF Design Week. This year’s low-fee events...

User experience design requires you to employ both right and left-brain thinking. You have to have the technical chops while keeping the user front and center (think: “I’m a people person!”). For...

As technology becomes more sophisticated, user experience has incorporated touch and sound, with virtual reality lurking on the horizon.

Molly Mueller patiently built her knowledge and skills in a variety of positions that necessitated an eye and talent for design.

Elena Ortiz began her professional career at Texas-based Houston Chronicle newspaper, setting type and designing layouts back when rulers and exacto knives were a printer's primary tools.

Communications isn't just about words, social media posts or newsletters.