Dying With Dignity in California

A historical timeline


  • Proposition 161 put on California ballot

    Americans for Death with Dignity place Proposition 161 on the state ballot, but it falls short.

  • Oregon passes Death With Dignity law

    Oregon voters approve Measure 16, Oregon Death With Dignity

  • Californian Death With Dignity bills fail

    Death With Dignity bills in California fail to reach a vote in the full Assembly.

  • California Compassionate Choices Act fails

    California tries again to introduce AB 651, the California Compassionate Choices Act, modeled after the Oregon law.

  • Terminally ill, Brittany Maynard moves to Oregon

    Brittany Maynard, 29, learns she has terminal brain cancer and carefully decides to leave California for Oregon.

  • Brittany Maynard video goes viral

    Former California resident Brittany Maynard's video regarding death with dignity is viewed more than 9 million times in its first month.

  • Brittany Maynard ends her life

    Brittany Maynard uses her aid-in-dying prescription to peacefully die in Oregon.

  • SB 125 introduced

    California State Senators Bill Monning and Lois Wolk along with Assemblywoman Susan Talamantes Eggman and sponsors introduce SB 125.

  • ABX2 15 signed into law

    California Governor Jerry Brown signs ABX2 15 into law.

  • Aid-in-dying law becomes legal

    End of Life Option Act (ABX2 15) goes into effect.