Stephanie Bisgaard Finds Enrichment in the Classroom

Stephanie Laila Tuxen Bisgaard, Behavioral Health Sciences student
Stephanie Laila Tuxen Bisgaard is a lifelong learner of Behavioral Health Sciences.

Stephanie Laila Tuxen Bisgaard draws on her experience as a clinical psychologist in Copenhagen, Denmark, to enhance the lively discussions in her Counseling and Psychology courses at Extension.

She believes that learning in a classroom with students who are currently practicing in the field enriches the curriculum. Having moved from her native Denmark, Bisgaard plans to apply for a California psychologist license so that she can continue her work with families and children here.

A graduate of the Professional Program in Neuropsychological Assessment, Bisgaard is on track this year to complete the professional programs in Child and Adolescent Treatment, Trauma-Informed Interventions and Evidence-Based Therapy for Anxiety and Mood Disorders. Although that may sound like a jam-packed schedule, especially for a mother of three young children, Bisgaard has her future in mind. "You have to set an exact goal for what you want to achieve—which programs you think will qualify you best for the job you specifically aim to have," she says.