Sarah Benzuly has been a practicing journalist since 2000. Prior to working at UC Berkeley Extension, she was group managing editor for three pro audio B2B brands (Mix, Electronic Musician and Remix). Since joining the UC Berkeley Extension marketing department, Sarah is continually inspired by the students who come to Extension to meet their educational goals—be it changing careers, advancing in their current position or simply enjoying learning something new. Sarah covers the Business and Sciences, Mathematics and Biotechnology departments. Outside of the office, Sarah spends time with her husband; black lab/pitbull mix, Ragnar; and four backyard chickens. Oh, and a glass of cabernet sauvignon. You can connect with her at

Because the Certificate Program in Project Management can be completed fully online, we see students who come from all regions of the United States—and even abroad. Such is the case with 2016

One of the electives you can take as part of the Legal Studies Global Access Program is Foundations of Legal Studies. In this course, you gain an understanding of law as a cross-disciplinary field

For almost six years, Kyle Takahashi worked at a private dental practice in Piedmont, Calif. There, he worked on the frontlines with the patients—from scheduling to interacting with insurance

You can find Lyndsay Orwig starting the second rotation of her Accountant Internship Program with the City and County of San Francisco.

There are dozens of reasons why professionals exit the workforce. They’re caring for small children. Or they are in the armed forces. Or they are diagnosed with a serious illness or injury. Or

When Ling Yao stepped foot on the beautiful, sunny UC Berkeley campus to study at the Law School’s Legal Studies Department, she had already studied Chinese law for three years at Nanjing

Jyotiska Chaudhuri’s résumé is impressive.

Back in 2015, Leslie Cachola was having difficulty getting accepted into medical school. She had a B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford University. She had full-time work experience in clinical

Interested in learning more about the innovative College of Environmental Design Global Access Program?

Calvin Morrill is the Associate Dean for Jurisprudence and Social Policy/Legal Studies, Stefan A. Riesenfeld Professor of Law and Professor of Sociology, and teaches American Law and Legal