Sarah Benzuly has been a practicing journalist since 2000. Prior to working at UC Berkeley Extension, she was group managing editor for three pro audio B2B brands (Mix, Electronic Musician and Remix). Since joining the UC Berkeley Extension marketing department, Sarah is continually inspired by the students who come to Extension to meet their educational goals—be it changing careers, advancing in their current position or simply enjoying learning something new. Sarah covers the Business and Sciences, Mathematics and Biotechnology departments. Outside of the office, Sarah spends time with her husband; black lab/pitbull mix, Ragnar; and four backyard chickens. Oh, and a glass of cabernet sauvignon. You can connect with her at

Personally, when I started using ChatGPT, I was like, oh, wow. This could take my job. Then I started using it. I was like, oh, not really. While it is amazing, it actually made me think of things

It’s a very high expectation for any high school senior to know what he/she/they wants to study in university. Harry Kenworthy found himself in that exact position. After finishing his A-Levels at

Pitch Global CVC-in-Residence Deborah Magid and Gerard Cunningham, co-chair ofClimate Tech & AI at McKinsey and Company, will discuss how generative AI will impact climate tech.

Networking and having a certificate on your résumé is a powerful combination. This holds true for Sandra Titre

Mary Joann (MJ) Aguillon’s strength and resistance are palpable—even over email. Couple that with a commitment to health care and serving veterans, and there’s nothing that can stop MJ—not even a

The first thing you notice when chatting with Sebastian Sartor—a Fall 2022 BHGAP graduate—over Zoom is his deep connection to UC Berkeley, the program and the people he met during his time here

Climate Masterminds brings together experts and industry players who are developing new technologies and ideas in confronting our climate challenges and ushering in sustainability solutions.

It’s not a big leap to say that Vanessa Sangari is committed to her professional development. This drive would keep her up most nights—literally.

If you want to watch upcoming global entrepreneurs pitch to some of the most well-connected investors in Silicon Valley via zoom, here is your chance.

Even on a Zoom call, you can see how excited Michael Zhao is when talking about his work at Porsche. A strategy specialist in digitalization and innovation within Porsche Tech Talents, Michael