Sarah Benzuly has been a practicing journalist since 2000. Prior to working at UC Berkeley Extension, she was group managing editor for three pro audio B2B brands (Mix, Electronic Musician and Remix). Since joining the UC Berkeley Extension marketing department, Sarah is continually inspired by the students who come to Extension to meet their educational goals—be it changing careers, advancing in their current position or simply enjoying learning something new. Sarah covers the Business and Sciences, Mathematics and Biotechnology departments. Outside of the office, Sarah spends time with her husband; black lab/pitbull mix, Ragnar; and four backyard chickens. Oh, and a glass of cabernet sauvignon. You can connect with her at

For some, being a Trekkie and celebrating all that the series has to offer is just one aspect of their life. But for Jen St. Hilaire, the essence of Spock and Data also informs her career outlook

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UC Berkeley remains the world’s top public and fourth-best university overall in the latest global rankings by U.S. News & World Report.

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CQ measures your capability to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations.

How can you stay on the right side of things at work? Professional ethics is not just the ""golden rule"" or being nice to people.

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I asked Geoff his thoughts on being named a 2020 Inspirational Instructor. He looked around his garage—where he was taking our interview on Zoom, 2020 being what it is—seemingly trying to come up

A hearty congratulations to the latest UC Berkeley Nobel Prize winner: biochemist Jennifer Doudna in Chemistry. She shares this honor with colleague Emmanuelle Charpentier for the co-development