Graduate Tanvi Mahajani adds HR, business admin to transition from dentistry

Photo of Tanvi Mahajani

A move to the United States from her home country finds Tanvi Mahajani making a transition from dentistry to a new career in business. Currently volunteering in the American Red Cross’s Volunteer and Youth Services department, she is ready to advance in the business world, thanks to the certificate programs in Human Resource Management and in Business Administration.

Why are you taking both certificates?
I like working with people, and I would like to focus on recruitment for HR. I need to have more knowledge about business because it is required for HR to have a seat at the executive table. I was completely new to these topics before, and both certificates have helped me understand them.

Are you able to apply what you've learned to your position at the American Red Cross?
Absolutely. My coursework has really helped me develop skills and utilize that knowledge in a practical sense at the organization.

Once you complete both certificates, what do you plan to do next?
My focus will be on working in an HR department at a health care company so I can leverage my dental and medical knowledge.