Meet HR Management Graduate Shilpi Agrawal

Helping companies succeed by empowering employees

Shilpi Agrawal photo
Graduate Shilpi Agrawal on receiving the Human Resource Management certificate: "I think the certificate will give me that education credibility to go back to workforce."

While working as a management consultant at a Big 4 consulting firm, Shilpi Agrawal was drawn to the interactions with different clients and team members on a daily basis. Her clients were entrenched in the areas of business and systems analysis from the high-tech, health care and financial services sectors. "I loved working with people and was fascinated with how human factors plays a significant role in the success or failure of a business," Agrawal says. "As I contemplated my career choices, HR seemed to be the most natural progression from there."

What drew you to theĀ Certificate Program in Human Resource Management?
Human resources has evolved from an administrative function to a business function over the last few years. More and more, HR professionals are expected to also have business knowledge. I thought a formal education was needed to learn the nuances of HR, and a certificate program would give me that confidence and credibility.

What will completing the program mean to you personally and professionally?
Personally, the sense of accomplishment is going to be huge. Professionally, I think the certificate will give me that education credibility to go back to the workforce.

Where can we find you in five years?
You can find me as head of people's operations in a mid-sized organization. Human resources have evolved significantly and have become more complex around the issues of talent management and employee relations. I believe working in HR would give me that opportunity to help solve such complex "people issues."