News: SPHRi Certification Exam Content Outline Changes Effective 2018

New emphasis placed on HR analytics, driving international business

The HR Certification Institute (HRCI) announced revisions to the exam content outline for the Senior Professional in Human Resources International™ (SPHRi™) certification to reflect the need for HR professionals to focus more on measurement, analytical thinking and global HR initiatives. These changes will go into effect for all tests administered beginning January 1, 2018.

"The revised 2018 SPHRi exam better aligns with international HR practices, emphasizing both business and HR leadership," said Amy Schabacker Dufrane, Ed.D., SPHR, CAE and CEO of HRCI. "The SPHRi certification reflects the transformation of international HR professionals from functional specialists to leaders who can link strategic HR initiatives with enhancements to business performance."

The SPHRi exam content outline is updated approximately every five years to ensure it reflects current practices and standards in the field.

The SPHRi exam content outline comprises four functional areas.

Business Leadership

This first functional area covers HR’s role in an organization’s overall strategy through such activities as evaluating organizations considered for mergers and acquisitions, conducting human capital analytics and understanding global HR issues.

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Talent Management and Development

Functional area #2 focuses on the use of systematic and planned activities to help employees develop the skills to meet current and future organizational needs and objectives.

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HR Service Delivery

Functional area #3 focuses on:

  1. Delivering accurate and consistent programs that support sustainable organizational growth
  2. Creating an environment where employees can easily find answers to their HR questions
  3. Utilizing effective communication plans, HR technology and tools
  4. Defining and implementing compensation and benefit programs
  5. Managing employee arrivals and departures from the organization

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Measurement and Analysis

Finally—and necessary to thrive in today’s HR environment—the fourth functional area requires HR professionals to develop and use key HR and business metrics, such as key performance indicators (KPIs), to monitor and sustain organizational performance. HR professionals will need to be able to interpret data to improve employee performance and increase the value of the organization.

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Highlights of the framework for future SPHRi exams can be reviewed in the 2018 SPHRi Exam Content Outline.