Prepare to Add Brand Marketing to Your Résumé

Learn from real-world examples to embrace tomorrow’s ideas

You could say I was born into the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry 18 years ago.

I have always loved being creative and curious, which led me to start my career at the largest CPG company: Procter & Gamble. While working on their brand, Pampers—which was worth $7 billion at the time—I began to grow in the marketing field.

Procter & Gamble raised me—per se—as a brand marketing kid, and it is where I received most of my training.

After growing up a little at P&G, I then moved on and progressed in my career. I took those amazing brand marketing skills and employed them on many more projects across other blue-chip companies, such as:

I love to help build brands across all marketing disciplines—maybe that’s why people, including my previous manager, describe me as having a very futuristic mindset. I love doing white-paper sessions on product concepts. For example, where should the vitaminwater® brand be in five years?

I love to come up with new ideas in this disruptive, digital era in which we live.

And, I have always enjoyed mentoring team members, co-workers and business partners. I am excited to bring that mentality to the classroom so I can do the same for students who are exploring career pathways in business or marketing.

Teaching Strategic Brand Management gives me the opportunity to share all of my experiences and my vision to the new and upcoming generation of marketers and brand leaders.


I love to come up with new ideas in this disruptive, digital era in which we live.



Caveat: If you’re looking for a clear understanding of what brand marketing means, then don’t take this course.

But, if you’re looking to see the world through a marketing and branding lens—and be prepared for upcoming trends in the field—then join me immediately in this class!

Why? Because I will impart all the new ways brands are marketing themselves in our current economy. I’ll discuss topics covering brand image and new marketing trends—hello, TikTok!—as well as how to lead and grow a brand.

You’ll hear stories and real-life examples from my own career path in this field. Such as, a brand audit I recently completed for a top spirit and beverage brand called Diageo. You may have heard of some of their products: Smirnoff Vodka, Don Julio Tequila, Tanqueray Gin.

Or the different ways I have helped leverage brand resonance that generates impact—including Coca-Cola’s “Taste the Feeling.”

Let’s forecast how browse buying is sprawling and, as such, is requiring brands to find new ways to attract the Gen-Z way of shopping.

Or podcasting and how brands are venturing into this channel to drive more consumer engagement.

Or how voice campaigning uses smart home systems to become the next marketing tool and how a brand can leverage voice-activated tech in the future.

My aim is that these discussions will spark disruptive and unique ideas from all of you—ideas you can take and apply to your current work or projects that you’re working on.

And you won’t just hear from me. I’m excited to announce that fellow marketers from well-known agency The Store WPP will be visiting my class to share their global perspective and reveal key trends that brands are leveraging in the digital and retail space.

You’ll get hands-on experience working in creative teams to develop real-world branding strategies and campaigns. You’ll audit a brand and ideate on an awareness campaign.

So come to class with an open mind and 1,000 ideas!