Today’s world of work requires a different type of professional. One who is not only talented, intelligent and savvy, but one who is brilliantly bold!

Sometimes following your career passion looks like a blueprint of those who surround you.

Vaneese Johnson has six words for you: “Treat your career like a business.” It’s a mantra you should keep whether you’re looking for a job today or in five years from now.

Maria Heintzinger has never been to Mars, the planet.

Maria has always lived in the surrounding communities of Pittsburgh and graduated from Mars Area High School. For college, she chose...

More than 10 years of career-building experience led Heather Sheehan to her business analyst role with The Bountiful Company, the parent company of Puritan’s Pride and formerly, Vitamin World.

LinkedIn is a fairly familiar platform to most professionals—it's an opportunity to build your digital brand and expand your network.

Excellence in public speaking and presenting is a career accelerator. Don't get stuck in the slow lane!

In this webinar, Professor Mendoza-Denton will give a brief overview of the psychological processes regarding bias

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