Announcing UC Berkeley Global

UC Berkeley Global brings new opportunities

One of the key initiatives at UC Berkeley is empowering engaged thinkers and global citizens to change our world. In that sense, global refers to a mindset rather than a geography.

That’s the motivation behind our new brand, UC Berkeley Global. Whether students are taking an online course or a full-time residential program, we want each and every one to imagine their role in a truly interconnected world, in which cultural humility is an essential part of personal and professional success.

I must admit that when we first started thinking about the concept of UC Berkeley Global, we were indeed focused on traditional notions of international education. We wanted students throughout the world to understand that the Bay Area is a beacon for inclusiveness, and perhaps the most vibrant business ecosystem in the world. And we were mostly imagining students living and studying in Berkeley full time.


Berkeley Global is actually a way of describing our values, not just a single type of program or experience.



These things are all true, but It was only after further reflection that we realized that Global is actually a way of describing our values, not just a single type of program or experience. And it’s ultimately our students who embody our values. I think of Erin Richerson, who studied in our behavioral health program part time in order to provide adolescent mental health. Or Sian Fennessey, who completed our online project management certificate from Sweden in order to advance her career. One former student, Thiago Mederios, even joined our team here at Global after a successful entrepreneurship career in Brazil, turning his Optional Practical Training into a longer-term stay in the U.S.

Each one made a decision that reflects the power of a global mindset. I look forward to sharing more about UC Berkeley Global in the coming months and welcoming you to our community—wherever you may be.